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  • one missed call
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    (1) Missed Call at 3:33 AM ------------------------------------- Copyright © HatOfChbosky ™ 2015 Highest Ranking Reached: #1 on Short Story Wattpad TNT Ka-Tropa Favorite Award 2015 Winner! Wattys 2015 Winner! ------------------------------------ [truly AMAZING cover by: @pennyxpen]

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    Hello! This is my first book that represents challenge #WeAreAllBeautiful. I'm going to be posting diffirent photos of insecure girls. Your work is to give them some support and tell them the beautiful truth they don't see. Thank you for being who you are, girl with scars.

  • Personal Assistant
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    [Highest ranking yet: #1 in Short Story] "Siri, if you were a person, what would you look like?" Does my appearance matter to you? "...."

  • 100 Voicemails
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    [Highest ranking: #1 in Short Story] After a car accident, seventeen year old Steve Carlton, goes into a coma. When he does wake up after a few months, he suffers from temporary memory loss. During this time, he starts to go through his messages and voicemails on his cellphone, trying to get a clue of who he used to...