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  • My Alpha Mate
    803K 22.8K 33

    Her home destroyed by rouges, Cassi must run and hide. But when the alpha claims her as his mate what will his jealous ex girlfriend do to reclaim power and even the throne. Who can you trust in a world of magic beings and villainous monsters.

  • The Alpha's Young Mate (Editing)
    331K 9.8K 31

    Alpha Blake is 17 years old, he's never found or has met his mate, that is until he spots Maya at the park she turns out to be his mate except for one problem she's 14. Then something just clicks between them. But their parents refuse because of their age...but with the help with April Mayas best friend they have late...

  • Alpha Babies (book two)
    13K 627 10

    victoria and Sebastian have returned and this time they will have a very cute addition added to there little family. the struggles of planning a wedding and preparing for a coming child can be stressful enough for two young adults but when you add in war with a rival pack you really have found a true recipe for disast...

    241K 7.1K 28

    Lost in her own world Layla never imagined of having a mate that too an alpha mate. But what happens when the shy and innocent Layla finds her mate who is the alpha of the biggest pack around Europe? The alpha who is feared by everyone. But what happens when Layla's past comes haunting her back and she has to walk do...