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  • zodiac signs
    4.8M 252K 195

    the last time i updated this thing for real was in 2015, so i highly advise against reading this. even so, i will never cease to be astonished at the sheer number of individuals who have willingly read and loved this book over the course of the past four. no matter how cringey this old material may be, it brings back...

  • Starting Our Aikatsu
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    Hi guys my name is AnikatsuBES. You can call me Nika. This is my first story. HOPE YOU LIKE IT

  • True Beauty (Jeff the Killer x reader)
    157K 4.2K 13

    When you try to take your life but fail you suddenly meet a strange man. He breaks into your house and offers you to show you the meaning of real beauty, with a price. I decided to make the first chapters to get the romance going, then make the last chapter a lemon, enjoy and remember, your Jeff's property now.

    Completed   Mature