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  • Inferno
    1.3M 8.9K 6

    Fin has a secret; one that can not be shared. He has an undying love for fire. He craves the heat and only feels at peace when he's engulfed in flames. His skin never blisters or shows the slightest sign of discomfort when he sneaks off into the woods to feed his addiction. It's only when the cold sets in that he fee...

  • Polar Flux
    787K 60 1

    ~~Elemental Series~~ (Fire: Book 2) It's cold, and Fin can't fight it. Even after he escapes the frost, only ice lives inside the firebird. The inferno he wants is gone. It was stolen from the middle realm by the man whose flame he craves the most: Zoran, the third god of fire. After the loss of his kingdom, the god...

  • To Catch a Breeze
    209K 12 1

    -Elemental Series- (Wind: Book 3) The wind can be a subtle thing, until Jerric gets a hold of it. He lives for the rush of a swirling tornado and blowing away anything that gets in his path. When encased in wind, Jerric feels invincible. He's addicted to the sense of power it gives him. Jerric is a very talented shif...

  • Soil
    268K 2.3K 3

    ~Elemental Series~ (Book 4: Earth) Everything grows from the soil up, but Terrin is stuck in the mud. The other earth shifters create beautiful things, like exotic flowers, trees taller than mountains, while Terrin sits in the manure pit making sure the soil isn't too acidic for cherry blossoms. He hates it. He trul...

  • Rain
    4.5K 334 2

    A cry from the rocks below stops a young woman from jumping to her death after losing her husband to the sea. Hurrying to the beach, Coraline finds a child with golden eyes and a hollow pearl. She believes the boy is a gift from the water god, Merrik, and takes the child as her own. She names him Mazin to honor her la...