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  • Only Sad Girls Smoke
    6.3K 1.3K 18

    don't tell a sad soul that "smoking kills." something else could already be killing them. 🚬🚬🚬🚬🚬 In which Aliyah Arazi and Seif Zohair are forced into an arranged marriage due to an ancestral promise. Surely, love is inevitable? Except she doesn't know how to love herself and he couldn't spell the word. incl...

  • note this down, please
    765 104 9

    ----- "The truth is that I am weak, I am so so...

  • When dreams Scatter
    1.1K 80 4

    This is the story about a girl named Alicia who is very much like any other girl but according to her there is one problem in her, SHE CARES and sometimes too much. This story is about how she came out as a whole new person, when she thought that, everything was going to fall apart. This is my first writing. I have t...

  • SHAYÂTÎN: Tales From The First Age (#wattys2017)
    2.1K 204 15

    35. But of the other creation of Oluwhär this tale was: the Jannût, who were made out of fire. 36. The tale of those who had been forgotten to the ancient world. For thousands of millenniums had passed since the Jannût ruled the earth, moving across it with great speed and burning everything in their path. 37. And be...

  • Living Life Classic
    36.1K 724 35

    Meet Jarred Greene, highly successful business owner who has his way. Outside the office he goes through girls as much as he goes through tissues. And its just so happens he's hiding a skeleton in his walk-in closet. Meet Amethyst Johnson, smart, sassy, and definitely doesn't let anybody get in the way. And it just so...

  • Capture Me
    5.7K 222 32

    Wife The world was indeed a very small, cramped space, because the thought that I would see him again never crossed mind. The years changed him. The loving, laid-back man I used to love was gone, in his place is a cruel, calculating hunter. I didn't care though, we were through and the love I felt for him was long bu...

  • Rasaan, Boy of a Thousand Wishes(2017)
    499 27 44

    The people of Yana have a story they pass through generations. One that tells how the land and its people were created by the light and ocean and how after doing so, the gods of the new world, used the last of their power to create a blessing for the people. A special tide that ran pink between the ocean's waves and h...

  • The Eternally Damned
    229K 11.3K 53

    "H e l l I s e m p t y, d a r l i n g . . . A n d t h e d e v i l ? H e ' s h e r e . --------------------------------------------------------------- Previously named- chained to the devil's advocate Amelia has never really been a very lucky girl, maybe it was because of all the mirrors she'd accidentally...

  • Gloryhounds
    1.4K 338 58

    Gloryhound - (Noun) : A person who's both consciously and subconsciously willing to give up anything to make his or her ambition true. Through the multicolored kaleidoscope of the fluorescent adolescent time of everyone's lives, the camera pans towards Gotfrey Newell. Full time best friend, part time hooligan an...

  • Decisions and Mayhem [BXB]✓
    452K 25.8K 25

    Antonio Martinez has a hard time fitting in. For one, he wasn't born in the USA and as a result, has a funny accent the kids at school made fun of. New money was looked down on in his private school, and so the former top of the class had it out for him for stealing her spot. Antonio didn't think things could get any...

  • Together Forever #Wattys2020 #WattPride
    1.6K 168 11

    "We'll always be together forever, no matter what, it'll always be you and me", he whispered to me. These words will always be in my mind. I chose to be your friend but falling in love with you was out of my control. •••••• Bella always had feelings for her best friend, Ross, but she always kept them well-hidden from...

  • Kairos - Lust (MxM)| Book 1 | ✅
    946K 56.9K 52

    Ah, screw it! I'm not your dog, not your whore, and certainly not your lover. I'm Prof. Steve Finley. I teach English Lit to snot-nosed students. I'm a failed writer - those who cannot do, teach. Don't give me that look, Jack. You're a shady gangster and you don't know anything about writing or about me... ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Finding August [MXM]✓
    268K 16.1K 29

    August walked out of Vincent's life the same way he walked in - unexpectedly. Vincent had a decent quiet life working as a tattoo artist in the city of Detroit until the runway aspiring artist, August, knocked on his front door asking for a home. August promises it will only be for a year and Vincent agrees, but Vince...

  • Caffeine and Nicotine (ON-HOLD)
    711 136 6

    "Will you be the caffeine to my nicotine?" In which an insomniac vendor and a caffeine addict vent out their thoughts through the balconies of their homes. (Cover art was made by cup-O-tea.)

  • Silver Dust; In The Darkness (UNDER EDITING)
    23.1K 1.8K 11

    Having lost her father and transferring to a different school, Harmony's life is fucked up as it is. With five silly, hyperactive, cocky, dougebags as brothers, her life couldn't get any worse. That's what she thought. Then one night, she found herself in the middle of a forest, with a huge beast l...

  • Mutation
    269 63 6

    In a world where people can eat fire, control the weather, and influence your mind, having wings isn't that cool. But that's Ashlyn's life as a "human." But, at the top of her class at her human academy, she feels pretty good about herself. Until civil war breaks out and she is a target for war propaganda. Everyone wa...

  • The Tragic Life of Elaine
    4.9K 1.7K 35

    "Screw cancer." She never knew that she'd be in a car accident that day. She never knew that at the hospital, the doctors would soon discover that she has cancer and a few months, if that, of life left. But Elaine doesn't want to waste her now shortened life fulfilling her dreams and wishes. She just wants to spend i...

  • You Are My Destiny {Re-writing}
    19K 1.8K 14

    Highest ranking - 15 in Humor ******* Vihar Deshmukh has always been her enemy-- except maybe for a few milliseconds. It's been more than a decade since she has seen him, but their years on opposite ends were less of mutual understanding and more of a repressed nuclear attack. Vihar Deshmukh does his best to live...

  • Whispers in the Dusk [bxb]
    8.7K 1.1K 49

    (c) All right Reserved 2014, Poenaru Daniela [BOOK 2] UNEDITED Cover created by MyCaTalks Warning: boy x boy content Might contain [not sure yet] - self-harming [no described at all, just mentioned] - sexual content [nope] - bad language and violence - might contain triggers This is a spin off from Shambles in the Dus...

  • Living Life - Struggle Of An Indian Girl
    7.5K 881 13

    Winner of --Lebookawards-- --Pre-wattys-- & --The undiscovered Awards 2016-- Was it the jealousy that stung him? Or the realization of his mistake? If not them, just an abbherant sex appeal? He would give anything to get her back but she was tough as rock, polished on the surface, corrosive inside. He turned hi...

  • Christmas in Paris🗼
    15.2K 948 6

    When Emily White got her heart shattered into million pieces, she made a promise to self that she's never falling in love again. However, love doesn't knock on your door before it bursts into your heart, does it? Besides, what kind of rational girl knows how to stop herself from falling for the Jared Hunter? A British...

  • Two Hearts
    2.8K 330 18

    two hearts xoxo

  • Ethereal Angels
    81.4K 3.6K 42

    "No escaping this place, " Falentine whispered in her ear. "You belong to us now" Adelina and Tessa, her twin sister, live in the small town of Illysia with her boyfriend Daniel. She was safe and cared for by her overprotective parents. The world beyond the woods of Illysia is perilous, and Adelin...

  • Shambles in the Dusk [boyxboy]
    31.3K 2.4K 46

    (c) All right Reserved 2014, Poenaru Daniela [BOOK 1] [UNDER EDITING] Cover created by a sweet friend Warning: boy x boy content Might contain [not sure yet] - self-harming - sexual content [does not have] - bad language and violence Theodore is your normal high school boy . Shy, with an obsession for...

  • The Undesirables (Sample Chapter)
    191K 7.8K 44

    (Chapter 1 only) In the winter of 1941-1942, Leningrad is under siege, and Karen Hamilton, a seventeen-year-old American musician, finds herself trapped and struggling to survive. Throughout the city, people are dying of starvation and frostbite, and Karen knows that if she doesn't escape immediately, she will share t...