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  • Octonauts Dares
    8.3K 119 7

    Random Dares that I made up.

  • Octonauts Origins: Wrecked
    17.3K 166 25

    7 years ago. The Octonauts form with one mission explore, rescue and protect after Barnacles forms a team following his departure as a marine biologist. Meanwhile as Kwazii becomes captain of his deceased grandfather's ship, he runs into trouble. Barnacles*Tweak and Shellington*Dashi (sorry B*K fans)

  • Adrian Mata's Blog
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    The latest updates on my works - stories, artwork, music, etc.

  • Octonauts: Shellington's Big Day
    2.3K 48 3

    Shellington and Dashi have been friends for years, but now Shellington is beginning to wonder whether it's about time he asked her a question that will change both of their lives... Sequel to "Driving Lessons" and "Welding Hearts" by Isobeljones2000 - please read them first!