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  • The Nightosphere Famiglia
    7.1K 389 9

    Find out what goes on in the Nightosphere Famiglia between the powerful boss Marshall Lee, his lover with a mystery background, Gumball, and his four guardians; Flame, Fiona, Cake and Monochrome.

  • You Scrub
    101K 4.9K 24

    A GumLee Fanfic Gumball moves to a new school, hoping for a year of friends and maybe love. But instead he gets hate from the male population, misunderstandings that causes his reputation to shake, and a bully who prefers rock and roll compared to Bach or Beethoven. Somehow, even though his year keeps getting worse...

  • Red String Of Love
    28.8K 1K 23

    Gumball and Marshall were madly in love, but something happened that broke their 5 yr relationship. Now 10 years later they stumble upon each other in a high school reunion. Old feelings resurface and questions about their break up arise. What’s Gumball to do when he doesn’t remember why they broke up? (On Hiatus)

  • Wild West Candy Kingdom Junction (Gumshall/ Gumllee)
    8.6K 300 4

    Gumball is the young governor of an attractive settlement that thrives in the production of candy luxary goods, hence its name Candy Kingdom junction. Marshall is the banished and pervious lover of gumball and sherrif of Candy kingdom junction. Is it too late for Marshall's and Gumball's love to be rekindled or has tu...

  • Bill Cipher's eye of Ra
    9.3K 314 8

    «An AU of which the Egyptian prince, Dipper, manages to piss off the god Ra (Bill Cipher), and is made to be the sacrifice to avoid damnation from the sun god.»

  • To Break a Pine Tree
    227K 6.4K 27

    This is a story that is based off an AO3 RusAme fan fiction that I read. I hope you enjoy and please be warned.

  • 50 shades of Red (gumshall/ Gumlee fanfic)
    483K 16.1K 46

    Marshall is the king of high school Gumball becomes the pink prince of punk and along the way through several misunderstandings, gym fights, lab explosions, band concerts, Fire prince melt downs, running through hallways, secret notes, they manage to fall in love completely through all the shades of red.

  • Laughing Jack x Jeff The Killer
    90.4K 2K 7

    Jeff gets grounded by Slendy and is forbidden to go for a killing for the rest of the week. Now stuck in the Mansion, he decides to mess around with Laughing Jack, in attempt to see the 'happy-go-lucky' clown's 'breaking point'. LJ never takes things seriously anyway, so what could go wrong? WARNING: This story contai...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tom x Marco *Fire burns brighter with Love* (Slow Updates!)
    469K 12.4K 28

    this is a tomco also know as marco x tom. (YAOI) dont like dont read. There is a plot line and there are still all the other characters to, its a one sided thing but then turns to more. please read and comment. If you like billdip too then you should check out my book on that.

  • Dipper x Bill one-shots
    664K 19.1K 123

    Here's my book of my favorite ship Billdip! There's no real description for this just a bunch of one shots ranging from fluff, horror, romance, smut and more! Enjoy!