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  • #HAP Handbook
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    ↠What is Hurdle A Problem? ↠Want to know how to get involved? ↠GIVEAWAYS ↠Contests/Challenges ↠Tips Segemt ↠Privileges ↠Our Affiliates ↠Admins wanted! First Ranking : #506 (18/05/2016) Highest Ranking : #278 (30/07/2016) cover : @cloud9_forever

  • #ProjectEvangeline - Who & What Started It All
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    #ProjectEvangeline was created on February 15, at around 2016 03:25 AM. See what inspired the creation of the campaign & how you can support it.

  • #ProjectGetReal
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    What we are, what we're going after, and what qualifies for our stories

  • What is # BadassReads?
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    What is #BadassReads exactly? Want to know if you qualify? What does our reading lists names mean? Read to find out everything about us! ---- Click on the tag #BadassReads for a collection of the trending badass stories!

  • What is #ProjectBeYOUtiful?
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    A book to answer frequently asked questions about the ProjectBeYOUtiful campaign. ☆cover art by skylarforthewin☆

  • What Is Project Pitbull Awareness?
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    Ban the deed, not the breed. They aren't vicious, but they are cuddly and cute.