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  • unknown [ ᴷᵀᴴ ⁺ ᴶᴶᴷ ]
    697K 40.9K 41

    it all started when taehyung texted the wrong number about his beloved puppies and the stranger he texted really wanted a puppy too. completed february 5th '17

  • blank space ✎ kth & jjk.
    1M 38.9K 41

    ↬ TAEKOOK: ❝ in which taehyung took jungkook the wrong way ❞ ㅡ COMPLETED ↻ fetus writing (cringe)

    8.9K 447 10

    Jungkook wanted an internet friend because he was lonely. Taehyung wanted an internet friend because he wasn't. But what if they already know each other? *MATURE CONTENT* *SHORT CHAPTERS* Completed: January 28, 2017

    Completed   Mature
  • mate || kth • jjk
    48.2K 1.9K 14

    "Mate," he whispered huskily in to my ear. Started: 6/1/17 Ended: -/-/- ⭕slow updates ⭕on hiatus

  • Baby 🌙 kth ; jjk
    49.1K 2K 8

    Taehyung is popular and could probably get any girl he wanted but for some reason he always goes back to a certain boy named Jungkook (ongoing)