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  • bts little fluffs!
    194K 6.2K 27

    bts as littles ! no sexy fun time nasties. ©spacecypher 2018 #16 in soft !!!

  • stutter [yoonmin]
    470K 23K 22

    "d-daddy.." yoongi smirked, beginning to love jimin's stutter. Copyright © 2016 softjeon All rights reserved

  • Falling for Jeon Jungkook | BTS Jungkook
    1.9M 41.8K 18

    *cover created by biaswrecker_tae start & end: 2014-2015 (I was like 13 when this was written lol that's why it's... interesting -2020 me).

  • Understand Me
    169K 6.7K 32

    Kim Taehyung has been staying with his best friend, Kim Seokjin, for 3 years. In those 3 years Seokjin has taken care of him because of issues with his parents and because Taehyung is a Little. While taking a business trip Jin decides to leave his friend and coworker Jeon Jungkook to take care of Taehyung while he's g...

  • 𝙙𝙖𝙙𝙙𝙮
    2M 108K 57

    it all started with a wrong number. © 𝐨𝐜𝐞𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐠𝐮𝐤 2016. #16 in fanfiction 092716

  • College Crybaby
    158K 3.4K 18

    Its the start of a new semester at college for shy, first year art student Elizabeth Thomson in NYC. When she runs into second year dream boat, Lucas Sullivan, what's there for a small town girl to do?

  • Little Louis
    1M 27.2K 55

    Louis enjoys toys and dummies and acting like a baby. But he needs to find a daddy that suits his needs. Will Harry be a good fit?

    Completed   Mature
  • All yours
    413K 8.2K 49

    Lana Wilson is a little.She's been through hell with her parents but when her brother offers her a place to stay far away from her parents she jumps at the opportunity but doesn't realize what she's getting into.

    Completed   Mature
  • Possessive | lrh |
    1.2M 22.8K 44

    "You're gonna be a good girl, right baby?" "uh huh.." "What was that?" "Yes sir.." "Good girl... Now suck." - Warning - Mature content, read at your own risk.

    Completed   Mature
  • Quietly Mine {Book 4 of the Quiet Series}
    1.6M 60.2K 40

    Rage filled inside me, Caleb was kissing another guy! Those lips that only belonged to me was attached to another! I stormed down the hall ignoring the looks from curious eyes. Caleb pulled back with wide eyes, the guy smiled and went to say something but was cut off when I grabbed his shirt and slammed him against th...

    Completed   Mature
  • She's Not Quiet {Book 3 of the Quiet Series}
    5.6M 148K 35

    "Take it off." I looked at the guy I always considered my best friend with a raised brow. "Excuse me?" His deep green eyes snapped to mine. "Take that shit off and go put on some proper clothes Alice." He ordered again. "You can't tell me what to do Jaxson." I mumbled rolling my eyes, turning to leave the house a yel...

    Completed   Mature
  • Don't Be Quiet {Book 2 of the Quiet Series}
    3.7M 124K 45

    (Book 2 of The Quiet Brother) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Ashton we can't." I whispered breathlessly as he continued to place kisses on my neck. "Why deny something you and I both know you crave for?" he teased looking down at me with his captivating blue eyes. I stayed silent knowing I didn't have an answer, he smirked...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Quiet Brother {Book 1 of the Quiet Series}
    13.2M 358K 53

    ~•~ "What's my name?" He asked thrusting into me. "R-ryan." I gasped out as I held onto the headboard. "Wrong princess." He said as his pace increased. I moaned loudly as I felt him go deeper. Oh god my insides! "What's. My.Name?" He asked between thrusts. I couldn't talk as I gasped for air moaning loudly. "SAY MY NA...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stay with me || ddlg
    191K 3.4K 20

    Mira is a model, she's still suffering from past eating disorders and slight alcohol abuse. Her boyfriend Jacob is more than concerned for her. Mira can't take good care of herself. But their lifestyle will change things. Mira is a little girl mentally, she tries to hide it, but soon Jacob discovers her secret. A...

  • Daddy's Dark Princess
    56.3K 1.1K 7

    Dani goes to a new school and she meets the bad boy who is a Dom named Cole who is in a gang that is after Dani .Dani makes friends with Cole's younger brother Seph what will happen ?

  • Babysitter »kellic« (boyxboy)
    225K 13.8K 22

    Kellin Quinn is a sophomore in high school. One night when his parents go out for dinner, leaving him alone with his little sister, he accidentally starts a fire in the kitchen. After deciding Kellin is too irresponsible, his parents hire the two siblings a baby sitter. Kellin soon finds that his "babysitter" just so...

  • No Longer Alone
    18.2K 856 12

    Since that fateful day when wall Maria was destroyed.A young mute boy named Umit, lived on his own on the streets as a thief. One day, he stole from a Survey soldier and thought he could get away with it. (I apologize for the bad grammer and punctuation)

  • SWD Wizardess Heart - LEMON
    78K 810 25

    Some naughty stories about MC-chan and the guys :)

  • The Emporer (Wizardess Heart Fanfic)
    10.2K 252 3

    Addie Smith's house has been burned down and she's left with nothing but the possessions she brought to the academy. However, Klaus Goldstein offers her to stay with him, and the slight airhead with a love for animals and the sadistic prefect grow even closer. (Wizardess Heart Fanfiction)

  • Klaus, You Know You Like Chocolate Milk
    11.2K 217 5

    What's sweeter than chocolate milk? A grown relationship with Klaus Goldstein. Complete with smut and fluffy laughter. Please leave opinions so that I may improve my writing, thank you!

    Completed   Mature
  • The Professor (Harry Styles)
    46.7K 415 2

    He was her professor and she was his student. All Rights Reserved to explicit94styles, 2015 ©

  • seventeen || h.s ,, ||
    14.9K 304 1

    a story in where a man diagnosed with sadistic personality disorder, unconditionally loves a young teenager

  • Angel Baby ; h.s.
    57K 1.4K 4

    "Daddy, I was as pure as a river, but now I think I'm possessed." :: In which a criminal takes a teenager hostage and teaches her just how to be bad.

  • Cheerleader [h.s daddy kink]
    1M 9.9K 14

    a sexual story in which a man becomes attracted to a young cheerleader he is currently coaching. "coach styles is my daddy." "thats right, baby girl." • (highest ranking: #128 in fan fiction) warning: sexual content, age gap, kinks, violence, etc. No plagiarism! This is my ideas, my story. Pm me for translation que...

  • Yes, Daddy // Harry Styles (SLOW UPDATES)
    409K 6.5K 12

    "Now get on your knees, baby girl." "Yes, Daddy."

  • Daddy| M.C.
    77.6K 1K 8

    "Mia there's another thing I think you can help me with." I heard Mr. Clifford say close to my body. "You get on your knees and wrap your pretty little mouth around daddy's cóck." He smiled. Warning: Very Sexual [Cover by: @britishdudes]

  • daddy • l.h.
    633K 15.6K 5

    ❝so Lia, do you have a boyfriend nowadays?❞ ❝actually yes❞ ❝what's his name?❞ ❝Luke; but I usually call him Daddy❞ ©Narry-My-Storan 2015 || Kay

  • pastel pink and daddy kink
    25.3K 637 14

    "I don't think you understand, you're mine. There is not one piece of you that I do not own. So baby girl, get on your knees and make daddy feel good" ~ "he can bang on my drum any time, anywhere." ~ *no plans to update*

  • Daddy⏩Harry Styles AU [On Hold]
    1.5M 17.7K 28

    " Baby girl if you tease me one more time I will have to punish you." Warning: Very sexual [This book is on hold sorry] Highest Ranking: #171 in fanfiction [Cover by @britishdudes]

  • daddy kink✧afi [discontinued]
    373K 8.5K 31

    [completed]➵ "call me daddy?" "only if you call me princess?" daddy kink| copyright 2015©| calsbible

    Completed   Mature