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  • A Daughter's Despair {A Michael Jackson Story}
    1.1K 46 2

    One thing a daughter should never do is break her father's heart. The question is.. how exactly? She could tell him she hates him. She could lie to him. But, what if she fools around with his friend?...

  • • moonwalker confessions •
    163K 10.1K 196

    A book about confessions from moonwalkers, and things only a moonwalker can relate to; a.k.a Just Moonwalker Things. ||Published on January 16th|| ||Completed on April 30th||

  • Shooketh (Memes Made by Me)
    86K 3.4K 200

    All these memes were made by me @MikeyLovesMe These are mostly Michael Jackson memes Meme life BRUH Don't be hatin Highest ranks: #1 in "Moonwalk" #1 in "Dank" #22 in "Michaeljackson" #88 in "Memes" Thank you all for reading!

  • Michael Jackson Imagines
    713K 18.1K 141

    A book containing mini series, short stories and one shots of your relationship with the King of Pop, himself. As you read along, I'd like for you all to visualize each imagine. By doing so, I'll know that my mission to have a successful book will be fulfilled. Enjoy! ♡ {Created March 29th, 2015} 2k16 MJFA's F...

  • (18+) And the Winner is...
    548K 20K 134

    Lauren is an 18 year old, senior high school student with a little secret. She writes fanfiction. And not just about anybody. Her stories are steaming hot stories about Michael Jackson. Little does she know, that Michael actually happens to read them... ALSO: Don't judge the age gap between Lauren and Michael before y...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rich Love (BoyxBoy)
    24.4K 1K 24

    MxM STORY! YOU DON'T LIKE IT, THEN PLEASE READ ANOTHER STORY. PLEASE DON'T WASTE ANYONE'S TIME BY WRITING NEGATIVE COMMENTS. STRONG LANGUAGE! READ AT OWN RISK! X RATED!!!!! Michael Jackson is a 31 year old single dad. He looses his job at a repair auto shop. The only thing in his life making him feel happy and warm i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Things you can't say to a Moonwalker.
    429K 19.7K 204

    [COMPLETED!] [If you can read this without being triggered, you aren't a real moonwalker...sorry]

  • (18+) His Personal Assistant (Complete)
    390K 16.9K 96

    Michael Jackson, the legend and superstar, survived an awful car crash, but ended up in a wheelchair, paralyzed from waist down. His old life is now only a vague memory for the amazing musician and entertainer, and he needs help with a majority of his everyday life. He has withdrawn into a shell of depression and isol...

    Completed   Mature
  • How Do You Know If You're Obsessed With Michael Jackson?
    105K 4K 64

    Read to find out !!

  • It's All About M.I.C.H.A.E.L
    33.9K 2K 200

    Winner of '2016 Moonwalker Award' A book all and everything about our beloved king,Michael Jackson.. 👑👑👑 Consisting rare images,gifs,videos,facts and many more! Show some love to this book and spread the love,cause it's all about L.O.V.E!!!✌✌✌ Update schedule~ two chapters Cover by~ Obviously me! L.O.V.E!!!❤❤❤ ~Sw...

  • MJPerv Stories (Discontinued)
    5K 83 1

    You have been warned. Don't read if your not a fan of Michael Jackson. Disclaimer: Just because I write about Michael being gay or something like that in this book, doesn't mean that I believe or it's true. I believe Michael is 100% innocent in my own life and real world and I will forever believe that.

  • Michael Jackson Fanfic Tips
    6.7K 404 10

    (Highest ranking - #473 in Non-Fiction) Okay, so there are a lot of fanfictions out there about Michael. They all have qualities and ... not so great things about them. This book will contain tips and my thoughts on what makes a good fanfic ... and what doesn't. Main account: @MissJackson777

  • My Psychotic Husband. (A Michael Jackson story.)
    16.8K 616 20

    "I love you so much, Angel.. I really do," Michael whispered to me. "I love you more, baby," "Please don't ever leave me.. you're my Angel; you have to help me.." he begged. "Shh, baby boy.." I cooed. "I won't. You know I'll help you get rid of your demons.." Copyright © 2015 kraziikhrystal all rights reserved.

  • Michael Jackson Memes
    179K 12.4K 128

    Just some memes

  • Rebellious Love (Michael Jackson Love Story)
    2.2K 67 2

    This is a story about a bad boy who falls in love with a good girl. No explanation needed.

  • Michael Jackson Games and Quizzes
    30.9K 1.8K 35

    Come on and enjoy the fun moonwalkers!

  • You Give Me Fever || Michael Jackson
    181K 8.5K 83

    Dangerous Era - 1991. Becky Summers has her heart taken by boyfriend Alex. They've been together for a while, and have all the generic plans for their future such as marriage and children. However, one morning Becky finds herself feeling nauseous out of nowhere. She goes to visit a doctor - one she's never seen befor...

    Completed   Mature
  • In Love with My Best Friend
    31.5K 1.1K 26

    Kayla and Michael have been friends for a long while...until one day he gets a girlfriend..,.Kayla loves him maybe more than Michael really knows. Will she tell him she's in love with him? Does it all change? Or will their friendship stay the same?! Find out in the Amazing story Of Kayla and MJ!

  • The Way You Make Me Feel - A Michael Jackson Love Story
    1.2M 31K 187

    It all started in 1987, when supermodel; Tatiana Thumbtzen is casted in Michael Jackson's music video, The Way You Make Me Feel. Is it really true to see your love at first sight? As fame builds up for Tatiana leading into her having a singing career; dark secrets from her past come to haunt her. And people from the...

  • Michael Jackson Imagines
    284K 10K 84

    These imagines are more of a story of you and Michael's journey in life. From first meeting to getting married to having kids, this is you and Michael's life. |Copyright©2015-2016|@Mikeyfanfics|

  • ♔ The Michael Jackson Bible ♔
    1.3M 67.7K 191

    um just some facts about mj.

  • MJ Fantasy: Michael Jackson Collection of Imagines
    909K 22.3K 82

    Looking for sweet, lovey-dovey scenes of you and Michael? Well, you've found the right book! ;) This is a collection of MJ's Imagines. I hope you like it :) Oh yes, everything posted here are 100% by me unless stated, okay? Comment and vote if you like it yeah? Tell me if you don't...