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  • Draw Lots
    388 23 2

    Kunugigaoka Junior High School will be having their first Christmas Festival on the 21st of December with an unusual event for their school. Everyone is excited except for Nagisa. KarmaGisa Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of the story. They were taken from the manga/anime Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Assassination Clas...

  • Don't Leave Me {Rowen}
    23K 803 29

    Wendy Marvell is the nerd in school. She thinks no body will ever like her but her friends, so she has trust issues. But he will try to prove her wrong. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own Fairytail. Hiro Mashima owns Fairytail <3 I Only own the story.

  • Lucy's Harem (Editing In Progress)
    103K 2.8K 35

    In Fairy Tail High, Lucy Heartfilia is a new transfer student and eventually became popular. She is a beautiful, kind and intelligent student that always ace straight As. When the 6 popular guys of the school met Lucy, they fell in love with her. Will Lucy choose one of them or will she deny all of them? Behind her lo...

  • Wait...You're a Girl?!? [On Hold]
    771K 29.3K 65

    |Highest Ranking: #547 in Fanfiction Lucy Heatfilia, 17 years old, and a beautiful transfer student at Fiore Magic High School. Many students attend this high-end school for the magically gifted. But instead of letting everyone fawn over her looks, she cross dresses as a boy going with the name Luke Heart. But only be...

  • [ON HOLD] We're not that young! ~ A Fairy Tail RoWen Fanfic
    13.2K 223 8

    Fiore's infamous guild, Fairy Tail. It's members are well known all over the Magic World as the most rowdy mages of the continent. There are many mages in the guild, and they all seem to get together in pairs - but what happens when the youngest two get together?

  • Fairy Tail: Light My Fire (NaLu and RoWen Fanfic)
    4.8K 84 14

    This takes places after the Grand Magic Games. Ever since Fairy Tail has won the Grand Magic Games, the mages of this rowdy guild have been receiving missions nonstop to the point that the once lively guild became a ghost town. Immediately after coming back from a mission did Natsu receive a mission that specificall...

  • I'm Not the Same Without You [DISCONTINUED]
    6.6K 255 24

    Wendy and Romeo are best friends. That is, until she mysteriously disappears for 3 years. When she comes back, everyone couldn't believe what happened to their sweet 12 year old dragon slayer. She was completely opposite of what she used to be. Now a rebellious and confident teenager, she acts as if she was never Rome...

  • FairyTail Rowen
    5.2K 333 35

    Wendy is trying to live a normal teenage life, despite the secret of her older sister being in the most know delinquent gang she decides to cast away her past, find new friends and a new love in Fairy Tail Academy!

  • Wendy And Romeo A love story
    9.8K 207 21

    A Rowen Love Story! At the beginning, Romeo and Wendy start To fall in love, when they finally date, an unexpected rival comes, she calls herself Amanda and has joined FairyTale! She says she has been engaged to Romeo, when Wendy questions Romeo, he says its true! WHAT?! And that's not the surprise! Romeo reveals Aman...

  • The Great Big Book of Otaku
    16.7K 308 44

    A collection of all my favorite manga's and anime's that I've read and watched {the ones I can remember} and would recommend out to you all. Although it's mostly likely going to be shoujo. Warning; contains sometimes violent spasms of fangirling inside. May contain traces of insanity too. amazing cover by @silverbann...

  • Unexpectedly Inlove
    14.5K 757 34

    d i s c o n t i n u e d ( Sorry )

  • Young love...
    1K 18 6

    ..........(just read it...............PLEASE!!!!! \0_0/) thank youuuuu!!!!!

  • Rowen-one shots
    7.9K 135 10

    Rowen-one shots........enjoy!!

  • Ranting on fairy tail ships
    13K 930 92

    Hey guys, the title says it all, but just want you to know I respect your opinion and mine may be different from yours, so please respect that, thank you

  • Fairy Tail Vampire: Jellal & Erza III
    36.1K 1.8K 71

    Continuation from the previous story. A new enemy awaits for their presence...

  • Fairy Tail Vampire:Jellal & Erza
    99K 3.1K 30

    A vampire fan fiction. A story that revolves of a relationship between a human and a vampire. Main couples in this story will be: Jerza, Gruvia, Nalu, Gale & Miraxus. I hope you guys would like this story as this is my first time writing. :)

  • Jerza Fanfic
    95.7K 3.5K 44

    Erza, A normal high school student who really doesn't know much about Love, falls in love with a guy named Jellal who is studying in the same high school as her. Their love seemd to be blooming well, but as all the love story have, A "someone" comes into Erza's life. Moreover there might be more people falling in lov...

  • The Cursed Boy ((nalu and fairy tail fanfic))
    39.8K 1.4K 9

    Lucy being a rich smart and 'perfect' girl has a secret. She has a crush on a certain pink haired boy. He wasn't the happiest boy in the world, but they can't ever be. The boy has a curse never to fall in love until he can love himself. Can Lucy get him to love himself? So they could be together.

  • Life Of A Nerd Girl ♡ A NaLu Fanfic
    94.4K 3.9K 34

    "Hey, you're Nerdfilia, right?" A voice asks from behind. I shrug. I looked back nervously, and saw a pink-haired figure stand right behind me. It was Natsu Dragneel. "Uh... I guess." I reply nervously. I saw his lips curl into a smirk as he reaches out to my shoulders. Just his touch made me shiver. I'm not used to b...

  • Love or Friendship
    8.2K 300 18

    Juvia tries everything to make Gray love her.But Gray just thinks her as an annoying girl.After many attemps to make him fall in love with her she gives up.She stops calling him Gray-sama and changes her attitude.Will Gray realizes his feeling towards her?Minor NaLu,and minor GaLe.

  • That Someone ~Jerza Fanfic
    7.7K 278 13

    Jellal is a very lost traveler. Erza is the head chief of an army. What happens when they accidentally meet while dealing with some "problems"?

  • Taken For Granted *Canceled*
    146 4 4

    Gray takes Juvia's love for granted. But when his cousin Lyon comes to town and starts to sweep Juvia off her feet, how will Gray react? Can he keep her or will her love for him be lost forever? ( Warning- I Obviously don't own Fairy Tail! If I did I wouldn't be making a fanfic would I? ) Ships Include: Gruvia Nalu...

  • Dragon Mating Season
    441K 9.6K 20

    It was the week where dragon season would affect our poor dragon slayers of fairytail, for they are influenced in the season too. In dragon season they will find and love their 'mate'. But it wont be that simple you see, their personalities will switch, change, or enhance. Making it very difficult to control themselv...

  • Love Is Such an Easy Thing Right?
    462 6 3

    When Wendy and Romeo have a shot at it but what breaks them up? Natsu tries to confess his love to Lucy, but Lucy is losing her interest in him because of a special celestial spirit. When Lyon does something to make Juvia that makes her like him. Who will Lucy choose, the person she loved for a long time or will she c...

  • The Sky Dragon Slayer
    194 4 2

    This story is about a girl Who has Many journey with A Dragon called Grandine but saddenly All Dragons had Vanished even Grandine what is her reaction Find out on my story...! created on 1/1/15

  • The History of Rowen and Nalu
    332 21 5

    This story describes how they met, how they grow up together, and finally their connections! Rowen Kay Colbot-Marvell is the daughter of Wendy and Romeo Colbot-Marvell! Nalu Fay Dragneel is the daughter of Natsu and Lucy Dragneel! See how they grew up together and how they interacted in this new adventure! Also featur...

  • Young Love: Gruvia(Book One)
    2.7K 78 11

    Pretty much how Gruvia came to be in an everyday setting. All of the characters are aged 18+ in this fanfic) ---------------------------------------- (Oh right, I may also do this in a series with other Fairy Tail couples, if I get a decent amount of votes & reads on it. :3)

    Completed   Mature
  • COMPLETED: Lost Stars [RoWen]
    2.5K 72 23

    "Are we all lost stars trying to light up the dark?" Enter the Quest of the Ancient Fire, they said. It'll save the guild from thirteen years' worth of debt, they said. No one ever said anything about falling in love, though. -/-/- Lost Stars // RoWen by FearIsNotEvil HIRO MASHIMA OWNS FT. I OWN ONLY THE PLOT OF THIS...

  • mira's ship:rowen
    5.6K 118 9

    romeo and Wendy lovers?Mira thinks so and will help them become official.but what does she have in store for them

  • My Enemy {Nalu}
    339K 8.9K 39

    They were business rivals , ex bestfriends and "married." Lucy Heartfilia, 21 years young - owner of Love and Lucky Incorporated Natsu Dragneel, 22 years young- owner of Fire Dragon Industries Raised as friends grew up as enemy's. Lucy needed to one up her company being she wasn't born in the country she couldn't...