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  • Normal
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    What if life for Harry Styles was normal? *** This One Shot was birthed in the wake of the disrespect shown to Harry at his L.A. performance on Saturday, October 21st. If you haven't seen or heard about it, a "fan" in the front row touched him inappropriately. (It's all over Twitter if you're interested in looking it...

  • Inclination [H.S.]
    1M 34.8K 40

    ♡ The year is 1994 and Harry is having a reawakening and discovery. ♡ By popular demand, the much-loved story from Harry Tales gets its very own book! Most Impressive Rankings //#1 in Discovery, #2 in Wattpride, #2 in Queer, #3 in Pride, #4 in Pansexual, #55 in Harry! This story contains several explicit sexual scen...

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  • Boy on the bench
    7.4K 652 3

    A short story in which a girl learns that a single conversation can make you view the entire world differently. ~ * 1st place best short story- Rose Gold Awards * 1st place best story story- Seraph Awards ~ Copywrite @GotTheStyles Cover art by @IngahansenN

  • Harry Tales
    1.8M 33.4K 86

    A collection of sexy short stories with twists and feels (and smut and smut and smut). All of these stories contain explicit sexual content. Some of them contain violence and recreational drug use. Please use discretion. Most impressive rankings // #1 in Short Story and 51 in Fanfiction!

    Completed   Mature
  • No Way Out [Book 3]
    85.4K 6.3K 64

    Bea and Harry are back for the third (and final) time! With Ferris, their eight-going-on-eighteen-year-old daughter, and two new family members, Bea and Harry must find a way to work together and overcome new challenges. It won't be easy, but we all know that taking the easy way out isn't their style. ***Tame Warning:...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Desperate Girls Guide to Losing Her Virginity
    268K 9.3K 11

    Marnie Wilson is utterly exhausted of being the eighteen year old senior who has yet to get deflowered, her cherry popped, v-card swiped: how ever you want to put it, she's over it. A bad night and a few beers drives her to ask the egotistical, brash and notorious West Moore to do her a favor of epic proportions, but...

  • The Boys Collection
    609K 45.2K 43

    She wore her collection of sins on her skin.

  • Dealing With Absence » h. styles au
    825K 26.7K 74

    ✓ "The day he lost his mind was the day he lost his heart." - He's a broken-hearted artist who's just left rehab with nothing but the clothes on his body. She's chosen living life waiting tables in a nearly bankrup café instead of going further on her career. He abhors the possibility of ever loving again and she does...

  • Colors [COMPLETE]
    1.5M 87.1K 43

    She claimed that she could see his true colors. But the only color he ever knew were the red of his assignments. -Cover made by @Tonii

    Completed   Mature
  • Crazed
    1.5K 79 2

    Harry Styles is crazy in love but is she in love with him? A Valentine's Day Harry Styles (AU) One Shot. ***Warning: Contains Sexually Explicit Material and two Sexually Explicit Gifs. ©2017 copyright HarrESgirl, all rights reserved.

    Completed   Mature
  • Hope
    783 72 2

    When you have hope, you don't have to say goodbye. *** It's Harry Styles' birthday and he receives the best present he could hope for. *** There are no warnings. This is a "pure" AU One Shot meaning there are no mature scenes or foul language. Spirituality is mentioned, however, I am not pushing/forcing religion on an...

  • December Love
    900 90 1

    What happens when Cupid can't find one half of a couple he is meant to unite? ❤️A Christmas One Shot❤️ *cover by Harrything.tumblr*

  • All I Want
    37.6K 1.8K 16

    "Richard and I have a history together, Harry. It's complicated." "No, it's simple, really. What do you want, Annie?" *** Annie Haskins is a successful businesswoman whose life is perfect...on the outside. A failed marriage, insecurities and challenges attempt to keep her from living a happy life. That is, until a you...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Only Way Out [Book 2]
    178K 11K 75

    "If you want out of this marriage, Harry, the door is right there." "The only way out is together, Bea." *** Bea and Harry are back!!!!!!!!!!! They fell in love their senior year of high school. It's nine years later and they are married and raising a family together. Life throws them a few new challenges, with one ev...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Easy Way Out [Book 1]
    250K 10.8K 34

    "Harry, we exist in two completely different worlds." "What if I want to exist in your world?" *** I was fine with being single but when love swept me off my feet, it changed everything. I loved him so much that it hurt. And when he hurt me, I had a choice to make. Would I take the easy way out or forgive him? *** Tam...

    Completed   Mature
  • Strong Enough
    233K 12.7K 40

    While the first couple of chapters here may initially seem like some of the same old stuff, trust me when I say that this story will go where no fan fiction has gone before. Harry/AU character: Harry is physically how we know him in the real world, but not a famous singer. He's a college student. Sherry: An outsp...

  • Harry on the Prairie
    441K 20.5K 41

    Harry on the Prairie ~ A Harry Styles AU Fanfiction WATTYS 2016 WINNER in the category of HQ LOVE An excerpt published via COSMOPOLITAN online via September 14, 2016. *********** NOTICE: Mature/sexual content lies within these pages . . .you may experience feels in your nether-regions. *********** Harry Styles lives...

  • "Way Out" One Shots
    32.5K 697 15

    A One Shot book with the main characters, Bea & Harry, from my books The Easy Way Out and The Only Way Out (Sequel to TEWO.) Let the (dirty) fun commence! Much Love. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ©2016 copyright HarrESgirl, all rights reserved.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Styles Effect [COMPLETE]
    1.2M 74.2K 41

    I escaped my reality by reading fanfictions. They escaped their fanfictions to become my reality.

    Completed   Mature
  • Clichéd [COMPLETE]
    697K 45.9K 26

    Sequel to Cliché. In which two familiar people never really want whatever relationship they have left to end. And the other younger two don't know how to start.

  • Cliché [COMPLETE]
    3.4M 202K 59

    "Take it! Just take it!" I demanded in annoyance, springing my whole body out as I tackled Harry from behind. "For the tenth time I don't want your stupid virginity!"

    Completed   Mature
  • Let's Get it On // H.S.
    27.5K 1.1K 12

    Mags was happy with her life following her divorce five years ago. She had everything she wanted - two beautiful kids, a job she adored, fantastic friends. Life was sweet. Harry's heart was lonely, despite having the world at his feet. He had it all - talent, money, family, friends, and now after five years with One D...

  • Consumed (H.S.)
    367K 11.7K 57

    "My love for her was forbidden but the lust I felt was never forgotten" Looking at her made my heart skip beats but I fought against it knowing that each single feeling I felt for her was wrong. But fate or whatever you want to call it brought us to each other. Little did I know the girl I fell for, the girl that lea...

    Completed   Mature
  • Karaoke kisses » h.s
    47.5K 2.3K 6

    A short story about a 19 year old girl who gets obsessed with the idea of finding something, when really, it's right in front of her face.

    Completed   Mature
  • Rain [h.s]
    165K 8.1K 28

    He's lost his best friend and his will to be happy. She's got a heart of gold with more than enough room for the boy everyone avoided.

  • Harvard Boy
    269K 15.1K 47

    Average story --------------- About a girl who falls for a boy, that can only see his past- until he realizes she's his future. ••••••••••••••• Short story by: *Drum roll* Me!!! ;) It's rated Mature and yada yada, you know the rest. Thank You for reading, if you do so. And if not, I don't know what you're still doing...

    Completed   Mature
  • Slight Pressure
    273K 7.2K 21

    [Featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine!] Have you ever heard that phrase 'Living the Life of Riley?' It's a reference to a life that's carefree and easy. People assume my life is like that. Friends, college, hot boyfriend, the world on a silver platter. What a load of crap. My friends are questionable, college is a drag...

  • A Frothy Compilation of Steamy One-Shots (Harry Styles)
    13.9K 306 4

    A Puerto Rican, two American's and a Brit. All readers turned writers, now friends, collaborate to bring you a collection of coffee shop one-shots. Coffee, Harry Styles and fan fiction take center stage when four unique voices tell four distinct and separate stories. So, grab your own drink of choice, settle back an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Strong [h.s]
    323K 11.4K 42

    The recent death of Aiden Riggs has left his girlfriend, Isis, and their daughter in shambles and looking for a fresh start. When Aiden's cousin, Harry, invites them into his home, the girls pack up and move across the country. . . To Ohio. In the land of potholes and bipolar weather, bonds are formed that cannot be b...

  • The Beauty of Letting Go
    379K 20.6K 70

    You don't always need a compassionate person to understand you. Sometimes it's the cold hearted ones that row in the exact same boat and change your life. * Story of an injured star athlete and a part time student who's personalities clash together in hopeless place. The one who doesn't want to be helped and the one...