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  • I'm Smiling At Everything - TO BE UPDATED NOV 13TH
    42.5K 1.4K 10

    (Sequel to I'm A Walking Travesty) Valarie and Jack's lives have been changed forever. One is paralysed, and the other is left fighting for their life. But both are determined to live through all the pain they have suffered, even though the odds are against them. And with the potential pitter patter of small feet on t...

  • A Splitting of the Mind
    3.1M 105K 23

    Gerard Way sees the world differently. Alone and institutionalised, Gerard claims that he is being hunted, and that his mind holds the key to existence. Does Gerard really hold such a powerful secret? Or is he just insane like everyone else in the institution?

    Completed   Mature
  • Speak up already - Phan
    3.7M 162K 79

    Phil doesn't talks. Well, not anymore. The last time he said something, was when he didn't hate himself. And that was a long time ago. But now, everything is different. He must struggle with depression, whilst new boy Dan Howell desperately attempts to win him over. [Warning: this could be triggering at some points]

  • Self Harm ~ Danny Edge Fanfiction (discontinued)
    73.6K 2.6K 22

    "Why do you do that?" he gulps. I feel my breath hitch in my throat. "It helps me keep control of the I way feel inside." "Promise you'll never do this again?" he asks. "Promise," I say, hiding my two chubby fingers that are crossed behind my back. ⚠️TW⚠️ eating disorders, sexual assault, self harm, suicide attempt...

  • Black and Blue
    265K 13.5K 34

    Dan is the senior that everyone looks up to, he is charming, witty and sometimes even nice. Phil is the sophomore that is constantly being bullied for being who he his, a boy who likes boys. Roles seem to switch when Dan saves Phil's life, and finds himself falling for the younger boy. Dan is the new target for torme...

  • Jalex
    37.6K 738 15

  • Two of a kind (phan and kickthestickz)
    2.1M 71.2K 41

    Phil doesn't have a best friend in his life. That is, until Dan turns up at his school. They become close and Phil finds out that Dan has a twin brother, but hates to talk about him. It's not until Phil comes over to Dan's house that he finds out why.

  • The Sharpest Lives
    81.1K 2.7K 21

    After her past incident and getting bullied at school, A boy appears in her life who finally understands her and stands up for her. While getting to know her he lets her meet his friends and she's in for a big bad suprise. How will it all turn out?

  • (Don't) Leave Me Alone •twenty one pilots-Tyler Joseph•
    930K 36.5K 63

    Charlotte Robin Dun is a smart girl- really. She just makes some poor choices with even poorer judgement. Her best friends aren't exactly the best of role models either. Her parents are upset with her, her brother Josh is disappointed in her, and Tyler Joseph- the boy with a gigantic crush on Charlotte- just wants to...

  • Locker 2812 (Danny Edge Fanfiction)
    18.9K 501 21

    Non - existent girl Molly is alone and has no friends. until she meets the boy of her dreams.

  • Just When I Thought You Were Mine (A Pierce The Veil Fanfiction)
    9.4K 562 71

    Pierce The Veil fanfiction. Vic and Elle have been inseparable for too long but something like this could ruin a couple. Tony hasn't ever found love yet, but then in comes a beautiful blonde girl. Jaime has lost too much in love to be able to love again. Mike is just looking after his family. The PTV boys have always...

    Completed   Mature
  • Therapy: Life With Alex Gaskarth
    976K 18.2K 50

    Sarah Dawson is a 19-year-old girl about to embark on a once in a lifetime adventure--touring with All Time Low! Her brother Rian is the drummer for the band and Sarah had stood by the band through thick and thin. Especially Alex Gaskarth, her best friend. When Sarah develops feelings for Alex how will she tell him? H...

  • Danny Edge dirty fanfic
    101K 1.6K 14

    If you like dirty fanfic read this! Starts out slow but promise it gets better!

  • When I Wake Up: Sequel To SET INTO MOTION
    541 21 14

    {Sequel to "Set Into Motion"} Alex and Brintley may have gone through everything already. Oh, but have they? Read on to find out what happens as they continue their roads through life together... Or will they go separate ways? Throw my cards, give you my heart. Wish we could start all over. Nothing's making sense at a...

  • I Chose You- A Danisnotonfire / Dan Howell FanFic
    3.1M 63K 103

    He was Dan Howell, a full time youtuber and a university drop out. She was Lia, a trainwreck living in London. When two very different but yet very similar worlds collide, does everything fit itself together or fall apart? follow my twitter for weirdness: @zoeishere

  • Your smile ( danny edge fan fic )
    6.2K 113 24

    danny is the new boy at school. he meets Wendy and her friends. little does Wendy know she has a big surprise coming her way.

  • call me dan ➳ phan
    10.7M 325K 192

    just when the catipillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly × sequel to 'transgender' {HIGHEST RANKING #3}

  • We'll Save Ourselves{Party Poison/Killjoy fanfiction) on hold
    93.3K 2.7K 27

    2019. The year of, before, and after the BLI takeover. They took everything, destroyed everything. All colors were taken away. Clothing within the new "real world" consist of blacks and whites. Battery city being the soul of everything. Just picture it. A world so strictly colorless and heartless. Apocalyptic. Now, en...

  • YouTube girl *Danny Edge*
    13.8K 521 19

    Bonnie was just a face known behind the camera, with 5 million subscribers, her vlogs and main YouTube Chanel became her life to her and other people While looking at other YouTube videos to get inspiration she stumbles upon a collab Chanel called Explanation Point She sends them an email saying she would like to...

  • Scars Underneath: A Kellin Quinn Fan Fiction
    18.2K 500 48

    **Warning: Violence, self harm, and sexual content** Dylan is lead in a band, every girl's dream. See where this dream leads and who she meets along the way and travel through the life of the girl that kids look up to. No one is perfect, and Dylan is no exception.

    Completed   Mature
  • Fakers » Daniel Howell AU
    82.2K 3.1K 21

    After telling her friends that she had a boyfriend, just so that they would stop trying to set her up on blind dates, Riley Addison has to rely on her childhood best friend, Dan Howell, to help her get through her lie. That lie soon turns into something more. Something different. [First official Danisnotonfire 'fake b...

  • Hometown Heroes, National Nobodies (All Time Low) TO BE UPDATED NOV 13
    11.2K 368 11

    When All Time Low’s plane back to the States crash-lands in a mysterious swamp, their whole world changes. They start to realize something different about themselves. Powers, things that no humans should ever be able to do. But they aren’t the only one’s who’ve changed. Every other person that was on the plane has too...

  • The Aftermath
    102K 6.2K 27

    Sequel to Black and Blue (read that first!) Dan struggles to get back on his feet after everything that's happened. Phil seems distant, and it causes problems in their relationship that Dan isn't sure he can handle.

  • |•| fallen |•| a Danny Edge and Paul Zimmer fanfic
    28.5K 912 56

    When Jenny and Taylor, both 17, decide to move in together they then find out a YouTube duo that they fell in love with are coming to their city. When they notice them they fall head over heels, but try not to get attached.

  • Crying Underwater So You Don't Hear the Sound (Vic Fuentes Fanfic)
    70K 2.1K 24

    Alyssa Nichole Roberts does not have the ideal life of a teenager. She suffers from severe depression and anxiety mostly cause by being bullied and her home life. But what happens when she meets the person that could be her soul mate? Will all the secrets of her life change his feeling for her? Will she push him away...

  • 'Cause there's faith in love.' (Vic Fuentes fan fiction) Chapter 1
    77 1 1

    On a crazy time with your friends, you exit the club blurry and confused, you don't know where your friends are and start to hopelessly walk around the streets of a highly dangerous street. But what you don't know is you might be walking in the direction of your soon to be one love.

  • Over the Edge ☆ Danny Edge {EP}
    37.6K 1.3K 26

    Cassie was your average everyday girl with average everyday problems. She was discontent with life- after all, there had to be more to being a young adult than drinking and hanging out with friends. That's when she meets Danny Edge. A budding YouTuber, he adds a sort of spice to her life that she's always wanted. He h...

  • Okay ❁ a Danny Edge fanfic
    99.6K 3.4K 50

    Thank you so much for the support throughout the years, I appreciate you guys so much! "If you could teleport to anywhere in the entire world right now where would you go?" I inquire, trying to change the subject. I don't want to stop talking to her entirely, I just don't want to talk about sad things; solemn things...

  • A Helping Hand (Dan and Phil phanfic)
    2.9M 108K 90

    TRIGGER WARNING. THIS STORY CONTAINS MENTIONS OF RAPE, SELF INJURY, DEATH AND ATTEMPTED SUICIDE. Can Dan save Phil? Phil is suicidal and Dan is the only one who's there for him. Can he alone save Phil?

  • We Ended Up On The Ground [ A Vic Fuentes Fan Fiction]
    26K 612 12

    Many girls claim they love Vic Fuentes but but who knows if they really mean it? One day 29 year old Alice finds herself mesmerized by a world she never thought she'd be part of. Is she dreaming? No. She's wide awake and she can pretend right now but I swear to god he will change her world. The amazing things a concer...