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  • My Hero | Johnny Depp x reader
    1.3K 64 4

    A rich man stops and helps a lost 19 year old girl, soon to be 20. Will this encounter change both of their lives? -johnny depp x reader -this is my first book so sorry if its bad -Cursing, smut, ect

  • Boxers & Panties ~ l.s
    854K 38.8K 29

    World famous boxer Harry Styles has been pining over cute, cross dressing Starbucks barista Louis Tomlinson for who knows how long. Little does he know that Louis Tomlinson feels the exact same way. highest rating: #33 in fanfiction 10/12/15 Also on AO3- Port...

    64.6K 3.5K 8

    "What's your name?" Bruno asked the woman standing in front of him. "Veronica" "I want to kiss you Veronica." He told her in a husky voice as he stepped closer. Her eyes widened and he heard her breath hitch. "Why?" "Because I crave your kisses." Was his reply. "'ve never kissed me?" Bruno smiled and lean...

  • I can't think straight anymore | Larry Stylinson
    1.1K 31 20

    Louis Tomlinson, 18 years old and is auditioning for X-factor. Suddenly he gets put in a group with four other boys and well, that changes a lot of things as he meets this green eyed boy with curly hair. He can't think • straight • anymore. You'll get to follow the up's and down's, how they're being treated by manag...

  • Playboy » L.S
    2.7M 113K 48

    I was captivated, but he was all too good at his profession: Harry Styles, Playboy. © heartagust, All Rights Reserved. (Larry with some Ziam)

  • He Noticed || Larry au
    161K 9.2K 37

    Harry has friends, some would say he has a lot. But sometimes his friends forget about him. Sometimes he gets left out, sometimes he'll speak and no one will hear him. But then sophomore year a blue eyed witty boy appears and well, for the first time Harry was noticed. WARNINGS: • depression • social anxiety • mention...

  • Slipping Under • larry au •
    5.5K 318 3

    Louis was born blind, and he was bullied as a child, always. His mother couldn't stop it no matter how many different schools they made him go to. Louis fell in love with Jordan in high school, he was the only one who ever treated Louis as a human. But one day, everything goes down hill. And Louis is slipping under, a...

  • You Think I Hate You? (Larry Stylinson AU) Step Brothers
    1.6M 62.8K 46

    Louis Tomlinson is the most popular guy at high school. Everyone worships him and the fact that he is the captain of the football team doesn't make matters worse. He's cocky and knows all too well that every student at school adores him. Well, except for one person that is; Harry Styles. Harry is quite the opposite of...

    Completed   Mature
  • Larry Smut....#JustWriteIt
    314K 5K 57

    One does not simply 'Ship' Larry, as hard as me. You 'Ship' I Worship... Larry Readers Continue & I take requests <3

  • My Fairytale - Larry Stylinson AU
    161K 6.9K 33

    PG-13 version of My Fairytale - Larry AU boyxboy.

  • The love of a band(one direction bromance story)
    244K 1.9K 33

    What happens when Zayn gets feelings for NIall. When Harry and Louis fianally come out of the closet. And Liam......well when liams the only one whos straight. BoyXBoy Sorry not really good at discriptions.( I also wanna say no hate to Eleanor, i love her but Larry cant really work out if shes dating Louis in this, sa...

  • Larry stylinson story
    10 0 4

    Hi my name is Celeste and I ship for Larry and Ziall it's a teacher and student. Harry is 20 year old and bisexual plus he new teacher in Manchester High School his new teacher friend are Liam straight and Zayn is bisexual . Louis is 17 years old have a friend named Niall and it there first time to see the new tea...

  • Days With Daddy (boyxboy)
    119K 2.8K 33

    Hi, I'm Louis but I like to be called princess. I live with my boyfriend Harry who I like to call daddy. And this is the story of the days I have with daddy Ranked #22 one shotcollection

  • Somebody Else (Larry Fanfiction and Zayn Mpreg)
    4.1K 178 20

    I know one direction broke and zayn is solo artist buuuuuuuuuuut I wrote a story a long ass time ago and deleted it and people have been asking me to bring it back so here it iiiiiis! it's been a while since I wrote another Mpreg. But here is Louis has an amazing girlfriend and career but he is in love with his bandm...

  • Jock And Nerd
    161 0 9

    this is my first story but i feel pretty confident in it so like comment ect. love caoimhe

  • Bad Boy (Ziall and Larry)
    6.7K 262 16

    Zayn likes the blonde boy and the blonde boy likes him but they are afraid to admit it. All Right Reserved ©ZIALLLISLIFEE.

  • Do you love me Daddy?
    217K 3.8K 16

    "Daddy do you love me?" Louis asked cuddled up to his daddy, who was caressing Louis' brown feathered hair. Harry smiled and kissed Louis' forehead, "always and forever baby,"

  • Punk vs Flowerchild ~ Larry Stylinson AU (BoyxBoy) COMPLETED
    878K 26.9K 72

    Harry is in love with Louis , Louis is in love with Harry . Harry likes tattooes and boxing , Louis likes flowercrowns and cuddles . Harry found out about Louis' past , and is willing to give him everything he needs ; kisses , cuddles , hugs , tickles . And mostly , Love . Louis is a shy , adorable boy who gets insecu...

  • Larry Stylinson -Imagines
    385K 11.2K 56

    I basically write Larry one-shots and Imagines , ALL FLUFF NO SMUT . I have another Larry ongoing story if you'd like to read . x

  • A Model And A Fan - Larry Stylinson AU (BoyxBoy) COMPLETED
    1.8M 68.9K 121

    Louis is shy and quiet . Harry is popular and known . ~ A few nights before his birthday , Louis decided he's going to tell his parents that he's gay . After all , they're his parents , they will support him . But what happens when he gets kicked out of the house ? ~ Harry just wanted to have a quiet walk outside , wi...

  • The Student Teacher (Larry Stylinson)
    39.8K 931 21

    Harry Styles (or as Sky High School refers to him as Mr. Styles) has never questioned his sexuality, even once! but when he gets his new student aid Louis Tomlinson, he isn't too sure about it anymore.

  • The Omega and His Alpha
    272K 9.4K 38

    This will have Larry Stylinson and alpha/omega. There may even be Mpreg, depending on how the story goes. So, if you aren't a fan of either of those, then please find a new book to read. Please enjoy this book. Trigger Warning for the first few chapters, also a lot of over-dramatizing, in my opinion.. But once you get...

  • Make You Mine - Larry Stylinson - Alpha/Beta/Omega au
    113K 4.3K 8

    Louis is new at a nearly all Alpha high school where he meets a very affectionate Alpha called Harry. Larry A/B/O fic with a side of Ziall

  • 17BLACK
    5.4M 189K 92

    17Black: a gay strip club in London known for hot strip teases, a talented dj, and matchmaking? Harry is moving to London as a new addition to 17Black - new penthouse, hot job, amazing pay - sounds great. Sure it is a clear violation of Harry's sexuality, but it's not gay unless you make it gay, right? Plus it's only...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Surrogacy {Larry Mpreg}
    349K 17.7K 20

    Louis Tomlinson is a high maintenance and pricey Surrogate. Harry Styles is a married man trying everything in his power to make his wife's dream come true. A baby.

    Completed   Mature
  • Texting [Ziam/Larry]
    84.1K 6.5K 13

    In which five guys meet on the internet group chat and four of them fall in love.

  • My mate (Larry)
    219K 6.1K 12

    Louis Tomlinson is an omega. One day he decides to go outside for a walk . He walks into Harry Styles an alpha. He and Harry immediatly clicked and were best friends. After 2 weeks Louis goes in heat and Harry is sleeping over. They have sex and after that they are mates. But the problem is that Louis is the hot...

  • My Tiny Omega Smut Collection
    44.1K 819 3

    A collection of smut for : "My Tiny Omega" by: prettylittlelouiss : These are all of my smuts, just written for the book.