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  • Perfection † Dennor
    5.7K 433 8

    Lukas Bondevik (Norway) gets a job as one of the male leads of the Royal Danish Ballet, a job he has been dreaming of since he was just a little boy. Mathias Køhler (Denmark) is a professional pianist who works for the ballet company in the orchestra. During a solo practice in the theatre, Lukas is shocked to find out...

  • Problems Of Being a Yaoi Fangirl
    8.7K 590 18

    The title says it all -Admin's story- (Japan helped)

  • We'll Meet Again - USUK
    122K 4.5K 13

    WW2 AU. Londoner Arthur Kirkland's pub, the Emerald Lion, is overrun by American servicemen on leave. One in particular is driving him to distraction - loud, brash fighter pilot Alfred Jones. Unable to stop it, Arthur finds himself falling for Alfred's charms - just as the pilot is preparing to leave for war. \\ I DO...

  • addiction ✎ phan
    1M 44.8K 47

    [COMPLETED] when dan buys cigarettes to a store who has a cute shop assistant

  • Who I Am Now (DenNor)- Book 2 of the Unwell Series
    11.7K 994 18

    Book 2 of the Unwell Series (How I Used to Be, Who I Am Now, and What He Has Become) Matthias, who is now cured after two months of schizophrenia, is ready to start a new life in Copenhagen on his own as a normal person. But can he ever really break free of the holds of insanity?

  • How I Used to Be (DenNor)- Book 1 of the Unwell Series
    20.7K 1.4K 15

    Book 1 of the Unwell Series (How I Used to Be, Who I Am Now, and What He Has Become) Apathetic medical student Lukas Bondevik is sent on the most challenging assignment: help Matthias Køhler, a mental patient suffering from amnesia and schizophrenia, regain his memory and his sanity before Matthias' time is up.

  • A Dementor's Kiss - Phan
    300K 13.4K 25

    Phan, kickthestickz and multiple youtubers at hogwarts! Dan Howell, a shy third year slytherin, is befriended by fifth year hufflepuff Phil Lester. Dan is quiet and alone, with little faith in his abilities, but with the comfortable and kind-hearted Phil he will learn to flourish in the wizarding world. This is a chap...

  • GerIta 1943
    24.5K 1K 8

    1943: Italy betrays the Axis Powers and allows the Allies to invade its Southern borders. Hitler does not let this stand, and Germany invades the Northern half of Italy. This is the story of everything following. GerIta fanfic Picture and APH not mine:)

  • October nights (a spamano/gerita fanfic)
    77.6K 3.7K 15

    Lovino and Feliciano, night club and restaurant owners work on two completely opposite schedules, only having time to see one another in the early mornings and late evenings, they some how manage find love in the midst of their busy day to night lives. Feliciano literally meets the man of his dreams. Lovino falls for...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fixing The Broken Promise (GerIta {fluff} book 2)
    107K 4.6K 41

    Then he ended it all or at least I thought he did.. That's the recap of the first book. Hope you enjoy this book my little shippers!! Germany figured out that he is HRE.. Will he ever tell Italy? Read the first book or you will not understand this book!

  • Of Countries and Chatrooms
    9.8K 357 5

    Basically a Hetalia chatroom. Full of crack and innudeno!

  • GerIta {fluff}
    299K 13.3K 51

    Italy loves Germany, but Italy is afraid that Germany won't love him back. He wants to make Germany smile and laugh the most challenging part is laughing. He believes he can do it he knows he can! Will Italy ever tell Germany? Or will Germany find out? Read to find out :)

  • The Bad Boy and The Tomboy
    108M 3.4M 117

    The Bad Boy and The Tomboy is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Original Edition and Books Edition upon purchase. Nicknames, a love of soccer, and school rumors are all the bad boy and the tomboy have in common. But if they give each other a chance, will they find something...

  • Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios
    5M 72.7K 97

    Noone seems to have done this... so I thought i would :D AND these ARE mine, they're just from my Quotev account, so no i am not stealing these and you cant take them either! ANYWAY! LETS BEGIN

  • Cruel & Blue (Eyeless Jack story)
    2M 74.4K 77

    [SEQUEL to Killer Protector (Jeff the Killer story)] In the quaint town of Gracewood, Virginia, Ao Matsukochi lives comfortably with her adoptive parents and her loyal friends. For her, everyday is full of practice and optimism. Though, every person has their quirks. Sam is her best friend, who also happens to be in...

  • New Neighbors (Markiplier x Reader)
    8.3M 270K 104

    You just arrived at your new apartment in L.A. and are waiting for your favorite YouTuber, Markiplier, to upload, but when his videos are late and you hear a crash from next door, you never would have guessed who you're living next to... Romance is blooming, but it isn't all tiny boxes and rainbows. The Internet is...

  • Prussia Reborn (Prussia x Reader)
    95.1K 3.5K 16

    My first Hetalia Fan Fiction, I think a later chapter may be a lemon, but that's just my instinct. :3 Tell me if you like the first part, then we will see where it goes. All Hetalia characters belong to Hetalia, respectively. The pictures don't belong to me, either, but the cover arrangement is by me. :3