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  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Ranter
    14.7K 271 57

    Yes, this is a rant book. Yes, I rant a lot. Yes, I am Spider-Man. No, there aren't any Uncle Ben rants in here. Otherwise I would suggest shooting yourself from sheer insanity.

  • Rant For The Pissed And Tired
    226K 6K 64

    Read along with me as I bitch and complain about stuff that you probably do too. You might even get a kick out of this :-)

    11.1K 612 15

    The title kind of gives away what this book is about. Want to read about what annoys me about the writers, well here you go. I know that there are a lot of books out there like this, but I often find that they don't say all of the things that annoy me. Obviously they're not me so how would they. Anyway, this is what I...