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  • Sleeping With Strangers || The Weeknd x Dave East
    1.6K 109 1

    Now you know where I sleep... After having a one night stand with one of her neighbors, Amina soon learns the true definition of stranger danger when he begins to develop a sick obsession with her that will turn her life into a living hell. I guess you never truly know who lies beneath the cotton sheets of your bed...

  • L.A Confidential || The Weeknd x India Love
    6.8K 152 2

    My girl might leave me if she hears about this, L.A Confidential. Abel finds himself stuck in a love triangle when he starts to have an affair with his plug behind the back of his long time girlfriend and baby mother, Raven. Karma and all of the lies soon catches up with him when he finds out that his mistress, Red w...

  • The man in apartment 65
    2.4K 157 7

    After moving into her new apartment in New York, Alysha quickly becomes aware of the mystery man on the top floor that no one is allowed to talk about. She makes it her mission to find out who he is but once he finds out she has an interest in him, it sparks his infatuation with her in the most dangerous way possible...

  • Ethereal On The Eyes
    14K 543 13

    When nineteen year old Mauve, becomes a babysitter for the known happily married couple, the Tesfaye's; little did she know also became a target in Abel eyes.

  • The Broken Clocks
    4.1K 243 13

    Alixander has a greed to succeed therefore she doesn't make time for anything or anybody if it's not beneficial for her money. Many people see her in different ways and forms in their lives, but when a familiar face recognizes her it may come with conflict and a blurry past that could throw her off her game.

  • Fix you (The Weeknd + Tabria Majors)
    14.5K 918 23

    After suffering heartbreak after heartbreak, Abel "The Weeknd" Tesfaye is spiraling into a deep depression that is slowly consuming his life. To distract himself he turns to social media and immerses himself in his fans in hopes to forget about his pain and one of them in particular catches his eye. They begin to DM b...

  • North North and Up Top (The Weeknd X Stephen Curry FanFiction)
    105 11 2

    "That North North, That Up Top, That OVO And That XO" ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ For 19 year old Abel, life has never been that easy. Growing up in the North side of Toronto was hard for him. He always felt like he couldn't fit in. That was until he attended Spectrum High School on the upper side of town. He m...

  • A Weekend With Abel( A Weeknd Fanfiction)
    965 36 5

    After a brief encounter with an underage girl named Korra in a club, 28 year old Abel Tesfaye struggles to keep himself together. He spends time with the beauty and eventually takes it all the way with the 18 year old. However, when the crew and Korra's family threaten to turn Abel in if he keeps it going, it forces t...

  • Tormented *The Weeknd Fanfic*
    97 7 1

    Just because you see them on tv you never know the evil of some people.....

  • Flame
    3.2K 130 12


  • Arranged (The Weeknd + Dinah Jane)
    32.1K 1.6K 43

    Mckenzee , a senior at Birchmount Park High School, finds out that her parents arranged for her to be married the summer after her she finishes school. She is less than thrilled to find this out but becomes even more dissatisfied when she finds out the boy she has to marry is the one she hates the most, Abel Tesfaye.

  • Abel's Princess (The Weeknd + Normani Kordei)
    79.1K 3.5K 62

    Princess Scott is arguably The Weeknd's biggest fan and she finally get's a chance to meet him after getting VIP passes for one of his shows. Once they meet, Abel makes her the offer of a lifetime and she can't help but to accept.

  • astrid smith | the weeknd
    1.4K 99 7

    In which a young Abel Tesfaye finds himself infactuated with Astrid who has no interest in boys.

  • Deviant (The Weeknd + Dreamdoll)
    124K 3.2K 51

    While trying to find an escape from his relationship drama, Abel ends up in an Atlanta strip club where he meets a dancer named Angel. Their encounters soon grow from meetings every Thursday and into something much more. 🚩THIS STORY CONTAINS SEXUALLY EXPLICIT CONTENT IN ALMOST EVERY CHAPTER. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED 😂 🚩

  • An uncommon devotion
    1.8K 100 7


  • all i know | the weeknd |
    4.9K 270 11

    In which Abel Tesfaye finds himself toying with his best friends sister who hates being played with

  • the town (a.t.) (ON HOLD)
    19.9K 906 14

    Sequel to "Professional." Please read that before proceeding on. What happens when Aaliyah and Abel find each other again after nearly a year? Will all the same emotions they felt for each other flood back in? Find out in this sequel, "The Town." Weeknd fanfic. (Mature themes such as sex, abuse, and drug use.) Quick...

  • six inch heels (a.t.) (ON HOLD)
    51.6K 2.3K 25

    "six inch heels, she walked in the club like nobody's business..." in which the intriguing, yet mysterious, quiet stripper that goes by the name of 'lexi' finds her guardian angel when she meets Abel Tesfaye. weeknd fanfic. (mature themes such as sex, drug use, violence, and rape.) Quick author's note: I've fell off...

  • Sin With Me? //Abel Tesfaye Fan Fiction
    746 50 7

    Sintiya (sin-ti-ya) is the kind of girl who always makes sacrifices for you even if your not her closest friend. She always tries to make sure everyone else is okay before herself. She is the girl who plasters a smile on her face while constantly stressing about high school, life, and the future. She is quiet and such...

  • Fifty Shades of OVOXO
    6K 128 17

    One day, Abel meets Drake and they begin working on some music. Days pass, and their closeness become more and more each day.

  • Abel's Maid
    58K 6.2K 44

    Abel who is better known as The Weeknd needs a maid to keep his brand new crib and studio clean. How will things go when he hires someone to do the job? -Mature Content. (2017-2019) Copyright © 2017 by Explicitmindwriter All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner...

    Completed   Mature
  • Earned It *The Weeknd Fan Fic*
    10.1K 284 11

    I love when call unexpected cause i hate when the moment is expected. So ima care for you.....

  • Lonely Star || The Weeknd
    5.3K 254 9

    The Weeknd isn't capable of falling in love but Abel falls in love with an old friend. Follow Delilah and Abel into this wild tale of loving abuse. ( The Weeknd fanfic XO )

  • Freaks Diary .
    199K 1.7K 30

    The Diary For Freaks. Editing Highest Rank #1 Category {Freaks}

    Completed   Mature
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tesfaye
    7.6K 422 14

    Mr. And Mrs. Tesfaye are viscous lovers who do adventurous things together like lure people in with their seductive words then take them home to kill them. Time after time they both get away with murder until one case doesn't play out in their favor. How will Mr. And Mrs. Tesfaye handle this? TW // death, gore, violen...

  • The Town
    14.6K 770 22

    Abel Tesfaye Fan fiction , on the Song The town ... Not really just read it you'll like it

    Completed   Mature
  • Young and Beautiful
    50.3K 2K 59

    Lani isn't a kid anymore but she's still young and growing. Time has flew by and both Lani and Abel are at the prime of their careers. Things have changed but the question is can it all be fixed? Are you ready to catch up on their lives? Let the sequel begin. ✨This is a spin-off to my first book Young and Pretty. Ple...