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  • "Letters she never sent"
    45K 1.9K 21

    This is a series of letters (and occasionally diary entries written to themselves) that Camila and Lauren had written to each other from the moment they met to now. For the girls, writing letters about each other and certain events that took place was their only way of truly expressing how they felt, without actually...

    Completed   Mature
  • Three wishes (Camren)
    81.2K 3K 6

    "Can I make my last wish now?" Camila's voice bubbled up with emotion as Lauren stood up, less straight than usual. She nodded and Camila stood up as well, facing the green eyes she will solely miss. Taking a deep breath, Camila spoke. "I want you."

  • the secrets we keep [camren]
    882K 22.5K 22

    Lauren Jauregui; Captain of the softball team. Most popular girl in school. Every girls hero and every guys dream. She's dating the most popular girl in school; Kendall Jenner. She has everything. Perfect grades. Perfect girl. But shes failing one subject. History. She couldn't be bothered with it. It was in the past...

  • For the Love of our Child (Camren)
    180K 4.7K 12

    They made it through obstacles they didn't think they had to face. They found their way back to each other through their daughter. But can Camila and Lauren keep their young marriage alive through what seems to be their biggest obstacle?

  • The Parent Trap (Camren)
    148K 4.9K 20

    Twins Punky and Penny were separated when they were only a few months old when their parents decided to divorce. Each took one child. Lauren took Punky and moved to California. Camila kept Penny with her in Miami. Now it's eleven years later and the girls are unknowingly sent to a summer camp where they will meet and...

  • Alpha to Alpha (camren)
    695K 23.3K 43

    The Jauregui pack and the Cabello pack were inseparable. Until one mysterious night, that changed everything. ((credits to @/korslay for the cover))

  • Jammed (Camren)
    354K 10.7K 26

    Remember the Tom Hanks movie, Castaway, where he's the only survivor of a plane crash and ends up on the desert island for years? Good. Now, imagine no Tom Hanks, no volley ball, not much angst, but a lot of Camren. Now you've got it. (G!p Lauren)

  • Wolf Lake (Camren)
    44K 1.9K 8

    Lauren and Camila had been best friends ever since they met in second grade. But when people assumed they were a couple and rumors began to circulate, their friendship fell apart. Now, it has been two years since they have last talked. Junior year has ended and Lauren is headed to her cabin at Wolf Lake along with her...

  • Such Great Heights
    26.1K 1.2K 6

    Sci-fi futuristic Camren AU. When Lauren Jauregui volunteers to upload her brain onto a computer, lay dormant for two centuries, and awaken in the future in her own body again, it seems like a fascinating opportunity. But when she wakes up two hundred years in the future disassociated from reality and numb, only one g...

  • Fuckboy Camz
    533K 12.1K 43

    A story of kik messages between Camila and Lauren. G!P Camila.

  • As You Are (Camren)
    455K 12.8K 47

    Camila: WHO IS THIS?

  • its a wonderful life [camren]
    341K 10.3K 19

    One winter morning, Lauren Jauregui wakes up to a very unfamilar life. She finds herself married to Camila Cabello and is the mother of 2.5 children. How does she cope with her new life?

  • Mated to a Dork {Camren}
    1.1M 36K 27

    High school. The place where you have your typical social groups: the jocks, the nerds, the drama geeks, the cheerleaders, the vampires, the werewolves. Wait what? Okay. That's just Lauren's high school. When she moved from Miami to Wolf's Point, Georgia, she expected the typical boring high school experience. What sh...

  • stranger // camren
    609K 17.5K 32

    "wait," lauren called, running after her. "what's your name?" the girl stared for a while with a small smile on her face. "nothing you need to worry about." dont copy or imma cut you

  • kik ➵ camren
    546K 18.8K 43

    In which camren is introduced via drunk texting and Camila enjoys talking to Lauren because unlike many others, she doesn't know every single detail about Camila's life.

  • Why did it have to be you? (Camren)
    1M 26K 57

    Camila had the perfect life.She had the money, the friends, the family. But what happens when her parents decide to go on a business trip for two years leaving her under the Juaregui household. It was bad enough her parents left her but leaving her with her enemy. Will living with Lauren cause more problems between th...

    Completed   Mature
  • yellow ➸ camren
    6.3M 183K 31

    FIRST BOOK IN THE YELLOW SERIES Lauren Jauregui hated Camila Cabello, plain and simple. Of course, who could blame her? Camila had been the one who read Lauren's private texts in front of the whole cafeteria, forcing her out of the closet. Lauren left for New York with her three best friends the day she graduated, thi...

  • blue ➸ camren
    5M 160K 37

    SECOND BOOK IN THE YELLOW SERIES After a long and lengthy journey, Lauren finally believes she and Camila have reached the light at the end of the tunnel. But when the past comes back to haunt them, they find themselves in a completely new playing field. Change suddenly begins to overtake them, in more ways than one. ...

  • green ➸ camren
    5.1M 170K 55

    THIRD BOOK IN THE YELLOW SERIES By now, Camila and Lauren both know to expect the unexpected. But you can never be prepared, especially when their lives take a turn in a completely different direction. The couple finds themselves faced with challenges they never thought they'd encounter. Growing up is hard to do. High...

  • Journals (Camren)
    2.3M 53.9K 39

    it's gone. Many people find their escape through writing. That was true for Camila. She wrote in her journal daily, without fail, about her best friend and long-time crush, Lauren. But when her journal ends up in the wrong hands, she's forced to either succumb to reality or make her voice heard. JOURNALS IS OFFICIALLY...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Heard Your Voice In A Dream
    954K 33.7K 29

    New to New York City, the quirky artist, Camila Cabello finds out what it really means to shed light on someone. Especially when that someone is notorious blind girl, Lauren Jauregui. She's a mystery upon herself, and Camila is determined to break the mystery and hear her story. But she might do more than just that. A...

    Completed   Mature
  • the truth about tomorrow ➸ camren
    470K 19.4K 17

    North Haven Medical Hospital is home to many types of patients, including newcomer Camila Cabello - the girl who hates endings. The young brunette hates thinking about the fact that she's doomed to spend the remainder of her days within the confines of the hospital. But when she meets some unexpected friends, along wi...

  • Should Have Known (Camren)
    1.3M 23.5K 67

    Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello audition for The X Factor on the same day- by mere coincidence? Possibly. By fate? Who knows? Each girl has a dream similar to the next, and that dream is to make it big in the music industry, but it proves difficult to both girls. Will they cross paths and follow each other into end...

  • My Everything (Camren)
    270K 6.4K 14

    Clara Jauregui, a teacher at Westwood High School befriends a young student Camila Cabello. What happens when Camila meets Clara's daughter, Lauren Jauregui? (ps i suck at descriptions so read to find out what happens!)

  • Is There Something? ➳ (Camren) DISCONTINUED
    106K 2.7K 15

    Camila's been friends with Lauren for two years now but when Lauren finds out about her sexuality, things start to get... weird. The looks, the longer hugs, simple touches; things that she didn't think were there before are all that she's able to thinks about. And she can't help but start to wonder, is there something...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Light in the Dark
    1.2M 53.5K 84

    Camila has many unsolved problems and demons in her past. She is convinced that no one cares. For her, there is only one solution until one fateful evening a stranger knocks on her door and turns her life upside down. Will Lauren be able to show Camila that life is worth living? TRIGGER WARNING: SUICIDAL THOUGHTS

  • Tails and Ears (Camren)
    253K 11.9K 20

    When Lauren finds a seemingly cute puppy by the side of the road, she decides to take it in. Convincing her other roommate to let them keep such a cute pup with wolf-like features wasn't hard, but when they wake up in the morning to find its not a dog, or wolf for that matter, things get a little complicated. Camila h...

  • behind the lights | camren
    193K 6.7K 15

    Lauren Jauregui is a highly renowned actress and has seen many fake relationships throughout her career, but she never thought she would be pinned up with her female costar, Camila Cabello. This wouldn't be an issue if Lauren didn't think Camila was annoying and a bit overshadowing, but nothing is perfect in an unperf...

  • Lazaretto (Camren)
    316K 13.8K 31

    If you had the option of falling in love but risked being killed because of it, would you still do it? Set in the year of 2093, America as we know it has been split into six regions all governed by individuals of wealth and stature. Every ten years, the citizens of each region are required to give up their newborns to...

    Completed   Mature