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  • luv, ashton da farmer
    4.3K 397 4

    this is the diary of ashton the farmer.

  • Ending Page || SEVENTEEN Fanfic
    9.3K 415 8

    ❝It's been a while since I last saw you.❞ Who says a summer love ends after the summer has? Summer love doesn't necessarily mean it'll only last until the end of summer. It means that the love you have now was found since summer. Though she's wondering if they still shared the special thing the two of them shared on...

  • Paper Heart || SEVENTEEN Fanfiction
    30.8K 1.2K 11

    A summer love can start and end in a few seconds if you don't pay close attention to what's happening around you. But for her, it was different. Having a paper heart, a name could easily be scribbled on it. At the same time, it could easily be torn and the person's name on the paper heart erased all at once. Could...

  • The Names I Call Chanyeol || Chanbaek
    15.8K 994 7

    Baekhyun meets a boy who moves into his neighbourhood with dumpling cheeks and oddly shaped ears. He decides to call him Dumbo, to which the other absolutely despises. Dumbo doesn't want a nickname, he only wants to be called Chanyeol... Baekhyun's only getting started.

  • Cinderella my Ass 【COMPLETED】
    3.6M 187K 36

    Highest rank #1 in humor [30 chapters] The hermit Ryder Quin never thought that one day, her crush of three years now, the very handsome Aiden Caley, would suddenly want to be her friend. What's more, a stranger broke into her backyard one night, his face hidden underneath a hood, and ever since then he would show u...

  • Wings | ✓
    258K 18.1K 30

    are you a friend or a foe? ava has ever only known the inside of the confines of her hospital room, and she's never questioned that. curiosity only begins to stir within her when her sixteenth birthday rolls about and she starts to notice some things are amiss and not everybody is who they paint themselves out to be...

  • Winona ✔
    201K 12.6K 9

    [SPONSORED BY TELUS] For Winona Prescott, senior year was supposed to be simple; get good grades, graduate and have a bit of fun on the side. But when a video of her kissing another girl goes viral throughout the entire school overnight, everything takes a turn for the worse. Friends she once trusted turn on her, pee...

  • The Lonely King | Ongoing [New Edition]
    23.6M 674K 39

    "Ignore their stares, they do nothing but remind you that you are alive." When Alexandra Knight was offered a rare scholarship to attend the most prestigious boarding school in Europe, she didn't have to think twice before accepting it. It doesn't take long for her schoolmates to notice that she is different from them...

  • Agent 13 (Book 1)
    6.6M 315K 47

    "With all due respect sir, adding a new member to this team will only slow us down." "On the contrary, if anything your team will slow her down." *** She's the ghost story you tell around a camp fire. The monster that hides in your closet. The nightmare that wakes you from your sleep. She's the definition of the word...

  • Breaking Your Heart (Astro Rocky X Reader) [COMPLETED]
    68.5K 2.7K 16

    A girl with a heart problem? A popular good looking boy? Sounds like a cheesy love story that'll never happen. Well, it happened to the both of you. So will the love last or will it leave you both with broken hearts?

    197K 15.1K 32

    Boy meets magic. Boy meets death.

  • One of the Guys
    21K 888 6

    A girl going to an all boy's school? Alexa, "Alex" Abotts has few options when it comes to getting a decent education. She lives in a town so poor and tiny, it's often forgotten on maps. With a run down school and no teachers who care, Alex's only way out is applying to St.James Academy, a prestigious boarding school...

  • Atlas
    81.1K 4.3K 26

    When I kicked the ball, just my luck, it hit someone right in the face, hard. Who was the person? Park Chanyeol, just the hottest, most popular boy in school.

    Completed   Mature
  • Notebook || Namjoon
    11.4K 751 21

    "You stole my notebook!" "And you stole my heart."

  • The Girl with the Blue Hair
    24.7K 1K 17

    Josephine Renaldo is different from the other girls, it's not just the blue hair, but the fact that she doesn't talk. From the day she was born, she was mute. She goes through school unnoticed but that all changes when she catches three guys attention. The schools jock, best friends brother, and the school's misfit.

  • Pink Skies
    178K 14.6K 24

    Sometimes it snows, and sometimes you meet beautiful boys with cameras, and sometimes it snows and you meet beautiful boys with cameras. // #20 in short story //

  • catfish // mgc
    5.3M 254K 75

    catfish : someone who pretends to be someone they're not on the internet • all images/gifs are from tumblr, they are NOT mine unless i say so!!!! • you can check out some translations in my "catfish translations" reading list :-) • (highest rank: #1 in fanfiction) (@emcartwright took the picture I used as the cover so...

  • A Bad Boy Stole My Bra- SAMPLE
    104M 2.6M 44

    A BAD BOY STOLE MY BRA is published and no longer available on Wattpad. It is available in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Italian and Indonesian as paperback and e-book internationally. It is also available as an adaptation on the app Episode - 'It Started With a Bra.' This copy has the first 3...

  • transgender ➳ phan
    17.3M 689K 197

    my name is dan, not danielle × somewhat based off of the short film boy (HIGHEST RANKING: #2 in fanfiction)

  • Afraid // Calum Hood
    10.6M 305K 55

    "Calum, why is everyone in this town so afraid of you?" [this isn't scary i promise]