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  • spongebob x reader
    6.8K 151 9

    spongebob... I actually hate myself Just read it

  • SpongeBob X Reader
    82.3K 1.1K 5

    An adorable and touching short created by spongebobbiggestfan staring the one and only SpongeBob Squarepants. In this Fanfiction you will actually experience how a relationship with a certain yellow porous sea sponge would be like. ~ Spongebobbiggestfan (Update 3 years later: I cringed so hard at that description! Wel...

  • Spatbob- spongebob and Patrick smut
    17.7K 345 1

    Patrick loved spongebob

  • Squidward x Reader Imagines
    42.5K 760 14

    squidward <3 - - please refrain from reading this if you're under 13 or leaving gross comments if you're a minor it's really weird for me thanks this book is labeled as mature for a reason

  • Spobama (SpongeBob X Obama)
    49.3K 1.4K 14

    *CAUTION* be careful. Cause your in for one hell of a ride. SpongeBob longs to meet the handsome man in his TV screen. He wants to hold him. Give him love. His name is Obama. Little did SpongeBob know, Obama longs to meet him. What will happen when these two finally meet? Will it be love or hatred. ~<~<~<~<~<~<~...

  • Pregerz Doraah
    62.2K 2.7K 26

    A short story of how Dora got pregerz. Many adventrz in dis boook Enjoy eet or else. Btw the grammar is going to be horrible. I made it that way though what u gon do about it (Photo credit: Unknown)

  • bob duncan can touch my PRNDL ;) bob duncan and mr moseby fanfic
    23.5K 880 41

    da legendari and sexi bobby diagn0ses himslef wit butt disordar usin webmd and it makes his butt itsh a lawt frum overeatin doenuts. hee gets drunck b4 goin 2 a docta and wen hes drivin he assidentally went da rong wai n is now @ da tipton hotal. he has 2 stay dere tho bc a big storm cums alwong n lockz him insyd 4 sa...