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  • Tell Me The Truth (I Like The Danger)
    8.7K 402 15

    That one where Beca's kicked out for being gay, gets put into the system, and ends up going to Barden High School where she meets Chloe.

  • Shoot Me Down
    32.8K 990 13

    Beca and Chloe are at the start of their new relationship, but Chloe has a home truth that comes to light on their first date. There isn't much Beca can do to help the situation without severe consequences for Chloe, but she learns that sometimes just being there for someone is enough.

  • Dying hope
    48.1K 953 30

    Okay first beca has a g!p, don't like it don't read it. In this story beca is the mysterious new girl, who has serious troubles going on in her life. Chloe is the popular cheerleader, who would do anything to stay at the top of the social ladder at Barden high. Chloe soons starts to find interest in finding out the ne...

    Completed   Mature
  • Won't go home without you
    4.3K 209 7

    Chloe is unconscious. "I hope reminiscing the past can bring the old days back...can bring you back." Beca said as she kissed her wife's hand, tears streaming down her face. Will the memories of their lives together help heal Chloe and their relationship?

  • Save Me [editing]
    76.4K 1.8K 22

    Meet Emily, a small, quiet,and fragile girl. All she's ever wanted was a loving family. Instead she's got abusive parents, and a bother that had left without her. Her life has always been a living hell.... However, what happens when she decides to finally run away and bumps into her idol Anna Kendrick? {editing in p...

  • Zodiac signs 1
    3.5M 118K 200

    These are the different zodiac sign traits

  • Unwanted
    24.2K 663 22

    Anna was born into a family that didn't want her. She feels unloved until she meets Brittany, and her whole world is flipped upside down.

  • A Predictable Story
    31.8K 798 8

    After graduating Beca and Chloe finally moved in to share a domestic so called friendly life together, but living so close and sharing a bed is getting complicated when feelings start to grow stronger.

  • Just the voice
    4.9K 153 5

    Beca moved away from her family to live with her cousin stacie and auntie Lauren, they were great and spoilt her rotten, but this girl was trouble, she was always bad news to people, it didn't help that she didn't have any parents really, so being in high school was tough for the girl, what happens when she meets a ce...

  • Forever and Ever
    33.9K 1K 25

    The first time Chloe Beale saw Beca Mitchell, she knew she felt something. But over time, Beca grows extremely sick. Near deadly. But will Chloe get the chance to tell Beca with her boyfriend, Dan, in the way? And even if Dan stops, Jesse's in the way. But Chloe will love Beca, forever and ever.