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  • Nyctophilia ➳ Draco x Reader
    506K 15.9K 25

    nyctophilia; love of darkness or night. finding relaxation or comfort in the darkness. Draco Malfoy is cruel, arrogant, cold, manipulative, pompous, and many other things. Nobody liked him and his attitude, except his fellow Slytherins. Of course, this was out of fear for all the power the Malfoy family held over ever...

  • You again? (BTS Rapmon ff)
    65.7K 2.8K 21

    A boy who unintentionally breaks things gets confronted by a tough girl at a toy store. Check out the story to find out what happens next ^_^ I don't own any of the pictures used in every chapter. Credit goes to people who made them.

  • Empire (BACK SOON)
    616K 14.2K 90

    Lux has been thrust into the Upper East Side after loosing her parents. A year later she's still struggling to pick up the pieces, until a certain Chuck Bass takes an interest in her. Will the dangerously seductive Chuck Bass be able to capture Lux's fragile heart? Or will he leave her even more broken than when he fo...

  • Procrastinators on Stage (Chris Kendall/crabstickz fanfic) *unedited*
    168K 5K 41

    (Book 3 of the Procrastinators Series, set in September 2014 -but can be read independently from the series-) "Relationships end. Relationships end in three ways: you split up, one of you dies, or you get married. There's a two out of three chance that it won't end well. It's not exactly encouraging." - Jamie Gail hat...

  • Camp YouTube (YouTube FanFic) #Wattys2014
    70.6K 2.4K 22

    ==COMPLETED== "One camp. One sick, twisted camp that goes by the name of Camp YouTube...Twelve YouTubers. Twelve of the best YouTubers divided into six teams of two...One month of seemingly harmless challenges turns into one month of fighting for survival and the chance of winning...Eight challenges. Two challenges pe...

  • Run, if you can. ( A Dan and Phil Fanfiction)
    69.6K 2.5K 86

    Can Dan fight the invisible enemy he's seeing and hearing all the time? Phil, Evelyn and Emerald is trying to help Dan. They're trying to free him or even stop him from being like a psychopath that can kill one of them. This all started with one, just one reason, then adds another one, then another one, it seems endl...