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  • BREATHE | bubbline
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    the new lifeguard is astonishingly breath-taking, bonnibel realises. start: 19.4.2020 end: ©️all rights reserved.

  • Gélido Esquecimento - Simon - Marceline
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    -Fanfic de Hora de aventura- Depois de todos os acontecimentos das guerras dos cogumelo, Simon Petrikov, agora o Rei Gelado, esquece de tudo oque se passou com Marceline, apenas Marcy sabe e lembra, e ela quer mais do que tudo ter Simon de volta Mas oque fazer? Nem ela sabe. Plágio e crime - ATENÇÃO - Há certo palavre...

  • Pray for the Preacher's Daughter
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    A bubbline fanfiction I found on Title says it all. Disclaimer: This is not my story. I just wanted to share it. All rights belong to the author -reliquiean, go check them out. And the cover is by SkidNugget. He makes covers and he's super nice. Go see for yourself. Hey dont forget to follow and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bubbline Highschool Sweeties
    10.3K 212 13

    Hey, yo, this is a bubbline highschool fic. Our girls are in theur sophomore year when they realize they got the feelings for eachother. In the midst of general highschool life, unsupportive parents and shitty exes bubblegum and marcy are just trying to adjust to their new found attraction to eachother. Also I got bor...

  • Two Broken Hearts
    61.1K 2K 28

    This is a bubbline fanfic, and I suggest you read it. Bubblegum hated her life. She hated the people in it, including herself. Marceline hated the regularity. She hated being alone. Once they mix, shit gets real. DISCLAIMER: I do not own adventure time or any characters in it. WARNING: May be triggering for some audi...

  • eternal ~ bubbline
    82.8K 1.7K 16

    Marceline has had romantic feelings and sexual attractions to Princess Bubblegum for years. Will PB return those feelings? And what's going on with Flame Princess and Finn? Read to find out :) if you're interested in my other stories, my new account is @patrickjacobb (it's a long story)

  • Us ( A Bubbline Story)
    2.4K 72 7

    🌈THANKS FOR 800 READS🌈 Marceline and Princess Bubblegum are getting married. This is going to be a short fanfiction hope you like it. Please read the intro it will make much more sense if you read it.

  • Thinking of You (Bubbline)
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    Bubbline three shot! Might turn to a multi chapter if people want more.

  • Hello, Sugar. Hello, Star. (bubbline)
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    (Bubbline human/ high school au) This bio keeps getting erased by glitches so I'm not even going to try to write it anymore

  • Jujuba e Marceline 1 Lesbian
    96.6K 8.9K 54

    Duas garotas bastante diferentes. de reinos diferentes. que vão enfrentar problemas juntas, assim como compartilhar momentos felizes. - Marceline.. Eu também gosto de você.. Você mexe comigo.. * Ela me deu um abraço. Senti seu corpo no meu enquanto estava nua. Ela me empurrou contra o guarda roupa e segurou minhas...

    Completed   Mature