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  • Vee
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    WATTPAD EDITOR'S CHOICE AUG 2020 Levi is non-binary, loves pastel shades and wears their heart on their sleeve. Vee is a committed antifascist, a punk and barely says more than five words in a sentence. When war comes, they are thrown together, besieged in their hometown and cut off from the outside world. Levi isn't...

  • Gardener Boy
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    Frerard, Petekey Oh to be a bored prince who keeps rejecting marriage proposals due to being in love with the cute gardener boy Oh to be a cute gardener boy who secretly leaves roses in the prince's room because he's in love with him Oh to be the palace guard who discreetly helps to boost the cute gardener up...

  • Sweet Dreams (Billdip)
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    WARNING: THERE IS LOWKEY SMUT SO FAR! Dipper has terrible nightmares that plague his mind at night, so he summons a dream demon to fix the problem. Simple enough, right? None of the stuff with Bill happened btw.

    238 19 2

    This book is going to be a record of things that I have tried out, steps I have taken, and even experiences that I have throughout my transitioning journey. If I ever get on Testosterone, I may even mark those physical changes in here. I have a feeling if I ever do get to go on T, or have any surgeries, it won't be fo...

  • The World of Alcazaar/ Book 1: The Neptune Prophecy
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    A planet called Alcazaar is being under attacked by a group of aliens from Neptune (The Neptune Prophecy), they came to take cyclops for expirements. Alice, Zooma, Vera, Bachlore, and Saggy San have to stop them, but how? Read this amazing fiction novel series I have been thinking about for 2 years.

  • Shit Trans people say⚥ftm⚥
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    This is some stuff transgender ftm people say ENJOY ✨💕 NOT A HATE BOOK

  • The Binder of Creative Chaos
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    Whatever sick wicked thoughts flow in my head. Essentially an outlet for my thoughts that never get said outloud, yet might be interesting to hear.

  • HERO - Spideypool [fanfic]
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    (i hope you'll give this a shot despite the cheesy title) Dedicated to my friend Vanya, whom I started this fanfic for ^^ Wade doesn't think he can be saved. Ever since his face got fucked up, he didn't see much beauty left in him. That was until Peter came around, with a determined goal; to be the hero everyone alrea...

  • How to trans (ish) || FTM transgender
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    My personal guide for how to survive as an ftm trans person in the deep south.

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    The art gets better in later chapters I promise-

  • band camp ⚣ ⌜joshler⌟
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    from june to august, a camp was held for teens ages 14 to 17. it was a camp created for aspiring musicians. it was divided into two, vocals and instruments. first fanfiction rip? trigger warnings***

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    Just some clothes inspired by Dan and Phil's whimsical fashion senses UwU This is pretty much my way of coping with the fact that I can't have merch... (T___T)

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  • αη∂ү's αят вσσк 4 | ε∂∂ιερηg
    50.5K 10.1K 200

    [ COMPLETED ] Yeah. I draw. That's it. REQUESTS | Never TRADES | Nah COLLABS | Nah COMMISSIONS | Not yet ❖ Copyright © 2018-2019

  • Citrus. Klance AU
    62.3K 2.6K 25

    Who knew a cute boy you met in a bar could change your entire world? TW: Anxiety, psychological and physical abuse, depression, cheating, implications of rape. COVER MADE BY THE WONDERFUL @WHISPERINGECLIPSE15

  • Eternally Art 2016-2017 {COMPLETE}
    111K 14.6K 68

    Welcome to my art book! I draw anime in my free time, and post it here for the heck of it! ^o^ Feel free to vote and comment spam, it makes me feel loved! ;D I use my phone for digital art, with free app Ibis Paint X. Sometimes I also use Paint Tool Sai and Wacom intuos pro drawing tablet. ^^ Keep in mind, this is jus...

  • 𝖓 𝖔 𝖙 𝖙 𝖎 𝖛 𝖆 𝖌 𝖔; art book
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    the title says it all. do you even need a description for this? | ©2018

  • Kingston's Academy
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    welp the people have asked for it so here it is!!! Dan is a smart, organized, and always punctual. One of the many reasons he has gotten sent to Kingston's Academy Boarding school for 5 years. Phil, a punk, with snake bites in his lip, a person who doesn't give a shit at all was sent there for correctional purposes, t...

  • My boyfriend's beautiful quotes
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    Just a book of the shit my bf (@Staygold_littlecolt/whatever other account he has) says

  • Three Words (Pastel X Punk)
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    Dan wasn't like any other 16-year-old boy. He liked flowers and pink things. Big deal? Clearly it was to those around him. He was different, that was why they hated him. Phil was like most 16-year-old boys, just not like the ones at his school. Being raised in a nasty neighbourhood meant the piercings and dyed hair...

  • The day I met you
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    This is an AU of dan and phil. Basically the Pastel X Punk. Phil is a highschool bully and bullies pastel dan. Then something happens.. (This is loosely based off of an Role play I did whoopsss)

  • It's a Pastel Punk Thing
    16.1K 941 13

    Daniel Howell was a pastel prince. He wasn't popular, no, in fact he couldn't wait to get out of highscool. Excited to go to Yale. Philip Lester was a punk. He skipped class, smoked, swore at teachers and was football captain. This of course made him popular. He loved high school and his cheerleading girlfriend. Dan...

    Completed   Mature
  • Baked Love
    8.9M 403K 42

    Chip Honeycutt has a girly name. That's not the problem; his real problem is hiding the fact that his family owns a bakery. And that he loves to bake. What will happen when a new guy comes along and finds out his secret? Will he tell everyone? Or will he keep it? © 2015 by theCuppedCake. All rights reserved.

  • I'm a Gay Wizard
    677K 27.5K 25

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION After Ryan and his best friend are whisked away to a top-secret wizard school, they'll discover immortal demons, new powers, acceptance, and love. ***** After they are brutally assaulted by a gang of bullies, high school ou...

  • FTM Problems (Transgender Problems)
    72.8K 2.3K 25

    These are the regular struggles of living as a trans male (Female to Male) in these past few years.

  • Love At First Text. Phan/Septiplier AU
    18.7K 1.3K 80

    Dan: HEY GUYS Dan: I THOUGHT I WOULD MAKE A CHAT WITH ALL MY BUDDIES Mark: So those friends you talked about Mark: They were real?? Dan: -.- Mark: :D Phil: Dan I thought I was your best friend ;-; Dan: You are Dan: NOW BOND PEOPLE

  • Wet Dream • boyf riends •
    694K 22.8K 35

    Jeremy Heere had always been into girls. If you want to be more specific, Christine Canigula. That was a fact well known to he and his best friend, Michael Mell until Jeremy found himself having weird, unexplainable dreams about that aforementioned 'best friend'. Will they stay simply best friends forever, or will thi...

  • A Study In Marriage (Johnlock) - Sequel to A Study in Love
    395K 17.3K 20

    Once the rings have been exchanged and the vows have been said, Sherlock and John are ready to settle down and get their fill of the domestic bliss that so often comes with marriage. Unfortunately, nothing is ever that simple for them... and they know the honeymoon period can't last forever. They'd promised each other...

  • Behind Masks
    1.7K 559 8

    Two insanely handsome boys. A mysterious caller. Sudden deaths. Cryptic messages and strange stalkers can only mean TROUBLE! ------------------------------ He walks towards me, his loud footsteps resonating across the large room. It scares me to...