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  • Bandit | OverWatch
    2.2K 131 3

    Jesse McCree est un cowboy, voleur, tueur, dragueur, tombeur, et tout ce qui va avec. Un jour, il braque une grande banque, mais son projet tourne mal, et il se retrouve, or au bras, blessé, à s'enfuir comme un lâche dans le désert. Il arrive à une ferme abandonnée, et s'y cacher le temps que les flics se calment. Sa...

  • McHanzo-Power Of Dragons
    3.9K 167 1

    Just a small one-shot based on a thing from tumblr, if I find the link I'll be sure to credit! Huge thanks to x_Reaper_x for making the cover for me! <3 ------------------- When Hanzo and McCree find themselves outnumbered and next-to-defenseless during a dangerous mission, a single quick thought is all they needed to...

  • McHanzo Fluff
    19.9K 561 7

    Quite literally, fluffy McCree and Hanzo. ENJOY, YA HEATHENS (Nothing adult, just a quick crack fic that I might add stuff to later. Cover art isn't mine, credit to original artist)[IF YOU KNOW WHO THE ARTIST IS, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I CAN'T FIND THEM] {If you see this work anywhere else, IT IS NOT MINE, IT IS STOLEN}

  • Cursed(Mchanzo)(BoyXBoy)
    21.8K 1K 36

    When Hanzo killed his little brother, he devoured his Dragon and left him to die. "It was my Duty.. but why does it still hurt.." Hanzo cried as he moan to which he realised and regret for killing his brother. When he realised his mistake, The two dragons within him started to change his form. Holding One dragon's p...

    Completed   Mature
  • Scars - A McHanzo Fic
    3.2K 101 3

    It's been two weeks since Hanzo Shimada and Jesse McCree started dating. Even though Hanzo is confident in his skills as an archer, romance is a whole different matter. And to make things worse, Genji hasn't exactly taken the news well. Current ranking: #84 in McHanzo

  • Never Let Me Go (A McHanzo Fanfic)
    83K 3.5K 25

    Based off the Pirate!AU by rebeza on Tumblr. ~ Captain Jesse McCree never forgets. So when a familiar face with fins wounds up years later on the shore of a remote island, McCree finds the memories at the back of his mind still as fresh as the anger in his heart still raw. "Hanzo." He smirked. "Long time no see, darl...

  • Boom Goes The Dynamite [Romance/Long Term/McHanzo]
    42 2 1

    This will eventually turn into McHanzo, this is just the beginning. Be patient. Might include NSFW in the future, or more tragedy.

  • I'm the thorn to your rose [A Mchanzo fanfiction ]
    17 0 1

    A demon hunter from the west and a demon from the east, will they ever find love and except their differences? Find out in, I'm the thorn to your rose

  • Consumed ~McHanzo fanfic {DISCONTINUED} ...sorry..
    9.2K 353 13

    Hanzo Shimada, an agent at Overwatch is known to be heartless. He is cold, serious and no one has seen him smile. After killing his brother Genji, Hanzo could not bear the guilt he felt in his heart. As his heart and mind are consumed by the guilt, Hanzo soon began to have his inner demons. During his time at OverWatc...