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  • 'Unbreakable Bond' Damon Salvatore Love Story. 'Epic Love Saga' (In Editing)
    280K 5K 23

    The squeal book to 'Epic Love' Damon Salvatore Love Story (Watty Award Finalist of 2013) Siena Russo originally from New York City comes to Mystic falls to find her birth mom, but finds her half sister instead Elena Gilbert. She falls in love with Badboy Vampire Damon Salvatore and changes him by bring his humanity ba...

  • 'Your Love Consume Me Part 2' A Damon Salvatore Love Story. Part Of 'Epic Love Saga'
    53.3K 1.9K 17

    This is the 5th book in the Epic Love Saga. At the end of the 4th book there was heartbreaking ending where Damon was forced to walk away from his marriage. A devastated Siena is heartbroken by the cruel words that Damon had told her but with her being that unique she turned off all her feeling for bad boy vampire Dam...

  • 'Inflamed Passion' A Damon Salvatore Love Story. Part Of The 'Epic Love Saga'.
    26.6K 1.7K 20

    Inflamed Passion is the 7th book in the series of 'Epic Love Saga' New Years Eve was a wonderful night for Damon and Siena as they reunited after long months being apart. With Damon returning from his death and Siena having no recollection of their deep love for one another. On this magical night for the lovers turned...

  • 'The Eternal Flame' Damon Salvatore Love Story Part Of 'Epic Love Saga'
    205K 3.7K 21

    The Third Book in the 'Epic Love Sage' Siena and Damon Salvatore have gotten married from the day of there wedding things have got from bad to worse With the death of Elena and her in transition of becoming a vampire and finding out Siena pregnant with Damon baby how will Salvatore brothers deal with the changes tha...

  • 'Epic Love' Damon Salvatore Love Story 'Epic Love Saga'
    704K 11.2K 25

    Siena Russo is 19 year old girl from Upper East side Manhattan New York. She is sexy, sassy and witty she an A List hottie in her city. Where all guys want a piece if her.Siena recently found out that she was adopted and the information leads her to Mystic falls where she finds out she has a half sister (Elena Gilbert...

  • 'Your Love Consumes Me' A Damon Salvatore Love Story. Part Of The 'Epic Love Saga'
    120K 3.6K 26

    The 4th book in the series of the Epic Love Saga Things have taken a turn for the worse for Siena where she don't feel in control anymore.....the darkness has taken over her.... will the man she loves with all her heart Damon Salvatore be able to save her from it? Then there there son Nico who is now a full grown man...

  • 'Eternally Entwined' Damon Salvatore Love Story. Part Of 'Epic Love Saga'
    33.6K 1.5K 16

    Eternally Entwined is the 6th Book In The 'Epic Love Sage' Life for Siena and Damon Salvatore lives have taken a total 360 turn. At the end of the last book Damon was grieving over the death of his wife Siena. He was willing to do whatever it took to bring her back from the other side. Not only her but his brother to...