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  • asterism
    474 95 11

    a prominent pattern of words too small to forge through the deep yet large enough to accompany space.

  • lyttlejoe
    1K 132 25

    Congratulations {LYTTLEJOE} , our 2015 PUBBER of the YEAR. We salute you with this collection of poems and accolades from your family here at the Pub. ***If any Pubbers want to add their congratulations, just drop us a line and we will include it in this collection.***

  • parallaxis
    42.8K 9.5K 200

    parallax /ˈpærəˌlæks/ noun 1. an apparent change in the position of an object resulting from a change in position of the observer 2. an apparent shift in the position of an object, such as a star, caused by a ch...

  • Verses of time
    48.9K 31 1

    Time encompasses all that there was, is and will be in life and eternity. A collection of verses on the never ending mystique of Time.

  • Break Ups
    174 4 1

    I loved him I lost him I miss him

  • Ponder
    4.4K 588 15

    A lil collection of personal poems

  • Half of Me
    1.6K 201 38

    A general collection of poems featuring some of the best Poets in the Pub and a few new Pubbers.

  • Starless whispers poetry
    709 84 26

    The brightest of storms, the darkest of lights, the whispers of screams, the starless nights.

  • Manic - A Book of Poetry
    2.7K 211 24

    An ever-growing collection of poetry from the racing thoughts of a twenty one year old female.

  • Where I Have Been Wandering
    175K 7.8K 23

    Poetry on nature and experience

  • ramblings
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    to be free with your thoughts to take comfort in your mind to be as changing as the shifting sands to open your mind to light to ramble on about things unsaid to look back over the tides to understand the ramblings of your mind that is to truly write Highest Ranking: 11th in Poetry on 9/28/15