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  • Break Him-Kiho
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    "Being happy is bad"

  • The Façade of the Stars | ykh + shs
    154 33 3

    "Kihyun, what you see isn't all true. You see these stars? We can see them now, but theyre already gone. Blinked out of existence in an instant. People are like these stars, they show others what they want to see, but keep their true selves to themselves." "What are you hiding, Wonho?" Kihyun asked suddenly, his curio...

  • to heal a heart ✧ kiho
    143 8 2

    you taught me how to love. (OR, everyone loves wonho. hehe.) lowercase intended. slow burn.

  • him | kiho
    84 8 1

    No matter where I go, I'm always gonna want you back - In which Wonho still hasn't gotten over Kihyun

  • the more i fall for you || s.hs +
    1.1K 84 3

    Kihyun really shouldn't be understanding the meaning of love from watching Hoseok do his push-ups. -- -high school au?? reunited childhood friends kiho?? nerd turned Greek god au?? lmao -side hyunghyuk, side hyungwonho, side side jookyun -crossposted to aff

  • YOURS. / kiho
    6.6K 569 11

    no one else but you / discont.

  • it's okay ; changkyun
    73.3K 2.5K 17

    Changkyun can't live like this anymore, and slowly everyone catches on. (trigger warning) ✿ previously titled "people throw rocks at things that shine" ✿

  • cuddles. kiho.
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    a collection of soft kiho oneshots for rosie.

  • 100 flowers ➵ Kiho
    11.3K 1.2K 102

    ❝ I need your love before I fall ❞

  • Million Dollar Boy | monsta x
    547 22 8

    In which Wonho is an innocent college student by day, devilish stripper by night.

  • Efflorescence.
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    "Hoseok, do you believe in fairy tales?" Lee Hoseok never believed in silly myths and fairy tales, but what happens when he meets Yoo Kihyun, a young man who has the ability to control nature? Also, credits to @chwlipss for helping me come up with this au and helping me with the cover! ((The updates are pretty slow, I...