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  • ⭐Voltron Legendary Defender Facts!⭐
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    Have you ever wanted to know more about Voltron without doing all of that research??? Well now you can!! Whether it be just facts about the Paladins, or even just the show itself, all can be found here!!! Daily Updates will be available unless otherwise stated!! Started: 1/29/2019 Finished: ??????

  • Part Of Your World (KiyoYasu)
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    "I shouldn't even be here" was one of the first things that Yamatonokami Yasusada said to a shocked Kashuu Kiyomitsu as the land prince discovered the merman's existence one night when he was walking along the sea's shore. After that incident the boys vowed to see each other almost every night, however what neither r...

  • 👑The Dragon Prince Oneshots👑
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    Started: 9/16/18 Finished: ??? ~ ~ ~ Wish to spend more time with your two favorite human princes and elfin assassin? Then join them on journies your sure to never forget in short stories requested by YOU!! ~ ~ ~ 💖I will take your request as long as you respect the rules that I have set for this book!! Au's, songfics...

  • 🌟Voltron Oneshots🌟 {REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!!}
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    Started: 9/15/18 Finished: ??? ~ ~ ~ "When I say Vol- You say ......." "Vol-tron?" ~ ~ ~ REQUESTS ARE NOW CURRENTLY OPEN!!! ❤❤❤ 💖I will take your request as long as you respect the rules that I have set for this book!! Au's, songfics (please specify the song you choose please so I can listen to it before writing the...

  • An Unexpected Love (KaneHori Royal Au)
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    Started: 7/5/17 Finished: ??? 👑👗👑👗👑👗👑 🌸Four Kingdoms, three princes and one princess. The fate of the kingdoms relied upon the marriage of the princess marrying the chosen prince of her father's choice, but will she fall in love with his choice or will she end up hating him instead?

  • Mistake (KiyoYasu Idol Au)
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    Started: 11/19/16 Finished: ??? 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵 Love or reincarnation had never crossed the mind of Yamatonokami Yasusada, but one fateful day changes it all for him, one day where he truly knows his feelings and memories for someone who was so close to him and someone he once loved in the past.

  • Touken Ranbu Randomness + Cracks!
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    Started: 6/27/16 Finished: ??? ✨✨✨ Have you ever wondered what the swords do in their spare time??? Well now you'll find out what a typical day for them is like! From a relaxing day to Sayo getting his face slammed into the doorway by Taroutachi. Things couldn't get any better than that! So come join me and your favor...

  • Seraph Of The End/Owari No Seraph Facts
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    Have you ever wanted to know more about Seraph Of The End/Owari No Seraph without doing all of that research??? Well now you can!! Daily facts (hopefully) for this show/manga!!! Requests for facts are open and any fact told through on will be added and the user will be credited!! NOW FEATURING: Reviews, fangirling...

  • Danganronpa Oneshots
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    Started: 4/16/16 Finished: ??? 🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌 ✨✨✨One shots for Character x Character and Character x Reader only!!!!✨✨✨ NEXT REQUEST: Shuichi Saihara x Reader ⬇I take requests from⬇: ➡Trigger Happy Havoc ➡Goodbye Despair ➡Ultra Despair Girls ➡Killing Harmony ➡Gaiden Killer Killer ➡All Animes released so far 💖I will tak...

  • Green Eyed Beauty *UNDER EXTREME EDITING!!* {Miraculous Ladybug}
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    😽4/16/16: #507 in Fanfiction!!! Started: 2/4/16 Finished: ??? 🐈🐈🐈 (Y/n) (L/n) is your average everyday school girl, living a normal life, with friends, foes,being your normal teenage girl and even crushes on boys. But what happens when she falls for the green eyed boy known as Adrien Agreste, the schools well know...

  • Our Story {Mikaela Hyakuya x Reader} {Owari No Seraph}
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    You and Mika have known each other since you were children and before the virus took place. You and Yuuchiro were the only ones who survived the attacks of Ferid the night you both escaped. You devolped feelings for Yuuchiro, but if was never true love. You and Yuchiro eventually became part of the Moon Deamon Company...

  • Uta No Prince Sama Oneshots! {UtaPri}
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    Started: 9/3/15 Finished: ??? 🎶🌌🎶🌌🎶 Now Taking Requests! UtaPri x Reader Characters up for grabs: 🌌~Starish Characters~🌌 Syo Kurusu Tokiya Ichinose Natsuki Shinomiya Masato Hijirikawa Ren Jinguji Ittoki Otoya Cecil Aijima 🎶~Quartet Night Characters~🎶 Reiji Kotobuki Ai Mikaze Ranmaru Kurosaki Camus 🌸~Side/Les...

  • Our Forbidden Love: A Lenku Fanfiction {Vocaloid}
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    Started: 4/23/15 Finished: ??? Len has always had a huge crush on Miku Hatsune but there is one small problem. She doesn't know he exists! But when his English brother Oliver sees what Len is doing he does the opposite of being a good brother and takes his chance and almost successfully steals Miku from Len. But then...