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  • Catching the Catchers
    318K 17.2K 37

    Life was good for Taylor Buckley until she was transported to a place for people just like her: Those with supernatural abilities. Not only did she have to learn to control her powers, but was also destined to be apart of the Big Six, a group of Supernaturals who are capable of ending an ancient war with their enemies...

  • Genius
    40.6K 3.2K 9

    All of London believes Evie's husband is one of the world's greatest inventors, rivaled only by the reclusive Earl of Westmorland. Nobody knows that Evie, not her husband, is the real mastermind behind his genius inventions. When Evie's husband is brutally murdered, she is forced to seek out a new partner through whom...

  • The Test
    2.6M 83.9K 31

    Going through my pictures, I went to the one that I had just taken, and the phone slowly slipped out of my grasp. What had escaped my notice before is that the couch I had taken the picture on was against a window, which showed the backyard of the house. But in this picture, it wasn't an empty backyard. No, behind...

  • The Numbered
    5.6M 214K 76

    Imagine the second you're born, a consultant removes you from your mother's grasp and runs a battery of genetic and physiological tests on you. Thirty minutes later they give you a score out of one hundred which denotes your level of perfection. If your score is above eighty and you work hard to maintain that score yo...

  • Uriel
    624K 40.2K 26

    *Sequel to Paladin* The kingdom of Thule stands on the brink of civil war between two armies -- the Paladins and the Uriel -- each claiming the right to serve as Thule's protector. Once a Paladin trainee, Lady Samantha of Haywood -- Sam -- has been named a traitor to king and country by the Paladins' High Commander...

  • Supernatural Abilities
    1M 49.6K 39

    Of all the things on Taylor Buckley's agenda, developing superpowers was not one of them. One day she was a normal kid in school with a big secret and the next she was whisked away to a place called Supernatural Abilities that specializes in training people with powers just like her. She is thrown into a world filled...

  • Severed ✔ (Counterpart Trilogy #2) [Young-Adult PNR]
    60.4K 2.7K 20

    Book Two in the Counterpart trilogy. (A dark sequel) (Blurb to come!) Annabelle is lost, Richard is desperate to get her back, Isaac is drifting, strange things are happening in Jade Gorge, and Drake is still on the loose.

  • Shadow Weaver (Back on Wattpad 2020!)
    2.4M 137K 49

    "Mooooorrrrrrrreeeeeeee, this book is like air, i need it!" @noromance101 "These chapters are written BEAUTIFULLY! You are, without a doubt, my favorite writer on this site. " @nagykt "Reading this feeds my soul." @Yrthraethra Sixteen-year-old Mirra can see people's memories. She is a Shadow Weaver, one of the out...

  • Bound (Counterpart Trilogy #1) ✔ [Young-Adult PNR]
    147K 6.5K 23

    Highest Rating: #46 in Paranormal. A love that has no bounds, but binds you so completely. 17 year old Annabelle Mertzer is sick of running. She wants her old life back. To feel whole again. She leaves her hometown behind and moves to Jade Gorge, Oregon to give her father's future a try. Only her father hasn't change...

  • Paladin
    16.4M 530K 69

    Sam is the most promising swordsman among this year’s crop of Paladin trainees...and knows it. Brash, cocky, and unbeatable with a sword (well, almost), Sam is the kingdom of Thule’s best hope against the violence wrought by demons. The only problem is that Sam is really Lady Samantha, daughter of the seventeenth Duke...

  • The Devil Lives Next Door
    229K 6.9K 11

    "Where do you think you're going?" He asked with amusement in his voice, his peppermint breath hitting my ear making my breath hitched. I was too scared to move, I felt like I was paralyzed as his fingers brushed down my arm, making tingles run down my spine and shots of pleasurable electricity went through my arm. "Y...

  • My Roses Are Dead (Completed but Revising)
    27.8K 849 23

    The princess of the Vampire clan, Angel McCarthy,is soon to become the queen, but there is only one problem... She doesn't know her true self, until her 18th birthday arrives and new changes overcome her body. What will happen to her during her transformation? She has a weird feeling every time she sees a certain some...

  • Bloomed Roses (Revising to Continue)
    1.9K 115 16

    { Sequel to My Roses Are Dead } Isabella and her sister and brothers just turned 16, the age that their mother, Angel, had given them permission to find their mates. Isabel does not want to find her mate because of what happened to her mother's mate, her father, James. The return of a certain enemy has everyone on ed...

  • A Fishy Business
    611K 8K 12

    Meet Marina Watson – she’s little, but no shrinking violet. She lives with her mum and step-dad, Rob. Life’s good, but there’s one thing she doesn’t get… Why she isn’t allowed to go in water?! For years, Marina’s mum has forbidden her daughter from having baths and swimming. She claims Marina has a terrible phobia...

  • Seven Units
    3K 50 18

    (Book One of the Seven Units Series) After tattooing herself and shaving half her head, Elizabeth finds herself in quite some trouble with Caedo, handsome and flirty boy at school, but also a bully. It's not hard to get expelled at Noelle Private School, and after beating him up, Elizabeth's mother insists on moving t...

  • Blue Sun
    87.1K 4.9K 5

    In a world with two suns, Tesni Kendrick has been taught to fear the blue sun and the people it shines over. In the South, the Wilde can harness the blue sun's power to perform great and terrible feats of magic. Tesni makes her home in the North, where the Wilde are the enemy, the blue sun doesn't shine and magic does...

  • Rimwick
    690K 36.1K 47

    "The night is totally black, now, except for the guardian light of the street lamps. No one is out besides me. I fold my arms, missing my army jacket's warmth, and head home quickly. It's dangerous to be out at night. But I don't run. If you run in Rimwick, something chases you." There are two rules in the small town...

  • War of the Minds (NaNoWriMo 2014)
    3.7K 285 1

    There are a lot of names for people like Kali. Mind-deaf. Handicapped. Disabled. Null. In a world where telepathy is as easy breathing, Kali is doomed to be an outcast. Born without the ability to communicate mind-to-mind, she spends her days working as a waitress at The Echo, a legendary rock club where telepathy is...