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  • Mikealson // k.m
    4.9K 116 7

    Daniella arrived at Mystic falls thinking it would be full of excitement, mischief and fun. What she did not expect was the past to come back and bring back emotions she hasn't felt in years.

  • Messy handwriting club (Phan)
    20.4K 1.3K 28

    "Phil was different from all of Dan's drawings, they were more ethereal, their eyes didn't shine and their skin didn't glow, Phil was not from this world. Their actions were like blood with life of its own, keeping Dan's feeble heart alive which was beating slow. But when Phil entered any room you could tell, they wer...

    Completed   Mature
  • Her Cuts (Dan Howell)
    670 30 11

    Amberly a 16 year old girl runs away after being abused by her family, and made fun of. A young girl living on the streets of London, nothing wrong with that at all... she's kidnapped and after 3 years of agony she escapes. A boy finds her and takes her in. That boy? The one and only Dan Howell. They both develop feel...

  • "You're the best thing i never knew i needed."-Dan Howell fanfiction.
    4.8K 198 32

    After years of the same boring routine, Jess decides to leave her uneventful life in Southampton and start a new and hopefully better life in the urban, exciting and exhilarating London. It just so happens that in the process, she unexpectantly bumps into (literally) her YouTube crush, Dan Howell. But running away fro...

  • My Neighbors the YouTubers (A danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil fanfiction)
    251K 7.5K 60

    Junior Rachel is going abroad from America to England to go to college. Through an awkward unexpected meeting, she meets Dan Howell (danisnotonfire) and Phil Lester (AmazingPhil), the YouTubers she has watched for years.

  • Save Me (a danisnotonfire and amazingphil fanfic)
    35.3K 1.4K 34

    Nearly 3 years go by after not seeing her friends, Dan and Phil. They saved her from the trouble the was in when she was 16. Summer in the City 2017 may be the only chance she has to see them, what happens now?

  • is this the end? ⇝ dan howell [book two]
    124K 5.4K 43

    [Book Two] "but i'm not done yet, falling for your fools gold."

  • im saved, finally [an "adopted by" phan ff]
    231K 9.5K 84

    (old description) ---trigger warning please stay safe--- "Hey Ugly!" I heard Piper yell to me "Still daydreaming about those Dan and Phil dorks ever adopting you. Let's face it, if no regular person likes nor will adopt you, why will those fags ever will" I flashed out of my daydream from the sound of other teens...

    Completed   Mature
  • You Saved My Life - A Danisnotonfire fanfic
    94.3K 2.3K 48

    Two guys. On two different sides. Paige Lawrence is your average girl who by pure chance gets attacked on her way to a party. Lucky for her, she gets saved by a mysterious guy named Dan who seems familiar. With a new neighbor next door who seems to take interest in her and seems familiar as well, Paige soon is stuck i...

  • Protected Abroad [AmazingPhil / Danisnotonfire]
    81.1K 3.3K 33

    I had nothing. I took care of me, myself, and I. My parents were never at the run down place I called home, because it was a little more than boards held together by nails. My small town job, paying minimum wage of course, held me together. I wasn't sure when I would escape my hell, but it came; and I left. To London...

    491K 21.4K 56

    13-year-old Iris has been living her life trapped in lonely foster homes. She's moved almost every month, due to being antisocial and distant towards the families. Nobody seems to understand the trauma she's dealing with; the memories of her biological family constantly haunting her. It's impossible for her to feel a...

  • I think im in love
    454 37 13

    an amazingphil and danisnotonfire fan fiction with guest stars zoella

  • Dreams
    1.6K 54 14

    Her and Phil have an ordinary relationship until a YouTube meet up. Will the boy with the fluffy grey hat change everything?

  • Battle Scars (a Dan Howell Fanfic)
    49.9K 1.9K 36

    Krista has been best friends with Phil Lester all through school. When they split for university, she thought they would never see each other again. But after quitting Uni and wanting to go back to England, she moves in with Phil and his cute best friend. But will living together be hard for the three of them? © Magi...

  • Help Me Help You ~ A Dan Howell Fanfiction
    149 6 3

    Violet has always been alone. No one to talk to except herself. She believes she is human repellent. She has never had friends. Just enemies. Music helps her. But it doesn't help enough. Not like cutting does. When she cuts it's like she is releasing all of her problems and sadness through the blood. Somehow the probl...

  • Forgotten- danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil
    162K 5.6K 59

    Christina Lester is Phil's, also known as AmazingPhil, little sister. They were as close as could be... until he left that is. After he moved out she spoke to him less and less and felt she had been forgotten. She got into some bad things, and her parents,being worried about her, send her to live with her brother and...

  • 2: I Won't Give Up On Us || DH
    68.2K 2.1K 24

    *this story is a trilogy. please read the first book - no matter how big of a trash pile it is - before reading this one (that's ten times better than the first I assure you)* Join Victoria Lester and the others for the continuation of their adventures. After receiving a letter in the mail, Victoria waits for a confir...

    Completed   Mature
  • Family (A Dan Howell Fic)
    89K 2K 35

    Alyssa is used to saying goodbye and becomes a loner throughout her life. She doesn't want to be a burden to others but sometimes, being a burden is a good thing. BEFORE YOU READ This is my first writing and it's not that's good. The character development is all wrong and not where I wanted it to go. I mention some pr...

  • TOXIC. (break the rules)
    133 7 3

    Dan Howell and Phil Lester, both from different parts of England, get taken to London from rival government agencies. When they meet, what will these two do to stick together, and what will keep the agencies do to keep them apart..?

  • Maybe it's enough - Phan (Completed)
    293K 14.6K 20

    Dan's the new kid in school, expelled from his last for threatening a teacher. Dan's family hoping this will be a new start, don't know their son's biggest secret. Will Dan have the confidence to tell his father about the way he feels? Or will he continue to be the rebellious teenager he is? Phil is completely the o...

  • Adrian Howell
    4.7K 92 9

    It's 2017. Adrian is 18 and going to university in London. Because his brother (Dan) and his flatmate (Phil) live in London, near enough to his university, Adrian is going to stay with them. Adrian is still mad at Dan for the fuss several years back, but doesn't want to have a dorm so... Yeah. He plans to be all reclu...

  • Wild Child (Phan AU)
    99.2K 5.9K 21

    (Based off the movie Wild Child) (I was so unbelievably bored and this is the result) Dan Howell blew it. Throwing a party would usually go down with a simple grounding or scream-fest, though this time he fucked up big time. "THAT'S IT YOUR GOING TO ENGLAND!" [complete] This is a product of extreme boredom, just FYI. ...

  • Adopted by Dan Howell
    187K 4.4K 39

    (Side note: I got annoyed with the ugly ass cover being my story so I made a new one, I'm still not updating lmao.) Hello, my name is Alexandra Rose Howell. I was adopted by Dan Howell (as you can tell by my name) and this is pretty much my story. TADA! (Fyi, this is a fanfiction (note the word fiction) so its not ful...

  • Phil Lester's Rebel Sister
    318 5 2

    Lola Lester is a bad girl. She used to be an angel until her brother Phil left for London and forgot about her. Now she is sent to live with Phil to clean up her act. Will she or will she continue to be the baddest bitch?

  • The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire
    110 5 2

    3 friends go to The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire and Skye and Dan end up crushing on each other, but can she keep her secret from her friends after Dan and Phil find out? Will she end up alone...again?

  • Changed for you
    111 2 1

    Anna is depressed, she hates herself and her life. But when she meets Dan Howell and Phil Lester everything changes and so does she. She ends up moving in with the two boys and she ends up falling for Dan, and after a while they get together. But when they get together Dan finds out what made Anna depressed in the fir...

  • Dating Dan and Phil
    24K 624 32

    Maya and Tori have moved to the UK for college and it wasn't long before they ended up meeting Dan and Phil. Tori fangirled over Phil while Maya kept calm meeting Dan. They all soon become friends and... Maybe more??