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  • Masked
    4.7M 251K 50

    ❧❧WINNER OF THE WATTYS 2016 for VORACIOUS READS ❧❧ An invisible enemy. A deadly virus. A human hacker and a Werewolf alpha are their only hope. That's if they don't kill each other first. When Parker Johnson, a top security specialist, is called in to help track down the architects behind a genetically engineered viru...

  • Jake
    2.1M 54.1K 46

    Haven is an over-achieving beautiful popular seventeen year old riddled with a sad past and bizarre dreams. Her life is well planned out thanks to a successful wealthy upbringing, until the day she mindlessly lets a large white stray wolf inside her home during a fierce storm. Suddenly strange things begin to occur in...

  • Sunset Melody ~Nocturne~
    103K 6.4K 21

    Sebuah rumah tua dengan pagar bata merah. Jika kau melewatinya saat senja, kau akan mendengar lantunan melodi terindah yang pernah kaudengar. Desas desus mengatakan kalau yang menciptakannya adalah seorang pangeran tampan. ...Namun siapa sangka sang pangeran ini adalah seorang vampir? Namun lebih buruknya lagi, tiba-t...