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  • Short Stories
    3.5K 60 16

    A collection of short stories and one-shot pieces featuring characters from the Octonauts, Kubo and the Two Strings, Big Hero 6, and other IPs (intellectual properties; i.e. TV shows, movies, etc).

  • How Much Would You Give
    1K 18 4

    An Octonauts story, introducing "Sonia", the russian polar bear from the episode where Barnacles' sister is introduced.

  • Octopus High
    770 19 2

    Inspired by from "Octotexting" by isobeljones2000, this is an AU where The Octonauts are attending Octopus High, run by Principal Inkling! These are a series of one shots. And I am sorry for the terrible cover, I really am.

  • Eye of the Storm
    3.1K 85 26

    A holiday trip to Africa fails as Zoe, Bella and Tanya crashland near the Octopod during a storm. But when a mysterious new enemy kidnaps Bella, they're thrown into the biggest adventure of their lives as they desperately try to stop the biggest and most dangerous storm they're ever faced yet.