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  • Someone Like You
    1M 31.3K 28

    Dr. Jennifer Parks, a third year family medicine resident in Salt Lake City, Utah isn't expecting to meet anyone at work - after all, doctors and patients aren't supposed to fraternize, right? Andrew Robertson has just moved to Salt Lake to join an architectural firm and had no intention of winding up in the ER. What...

    Completed   Mature
  • I am in Love with an Invisible Man [Completed][ParanormalRomance]
    123K 8K 28

    *Voted as Wattpadres MakeOver Top 12 books of 2016* *Voted as KatieDreams top 25 best Romance book of 2015* *Nominated as the 2016 Wattpad Fiction Award for Best Paranormal Book* Become breathless, gut-wrenched, and emotionally overwhelmed as you chest-clench through the heartache of what it means to be in love with...

  • Steel Roses
    274K 17.5K 44

    #27 in Fantasy ~ When the chance to run arrives, Beldon doesn't think twice about escaping into the shadows of an enchanted castle locked in an eternal winter. He just wants to bury a secret. But the castle is a cold, cruel place and his host is less than welcoming. The sparks that fly between them a...

  • A Scandalous Attraction
    431K 12.8K 12

    Paige Chadwick has made a success of her life. Everything was in its place, just the way she wanted it. She was at the top of her profession. She was able to stay loyal to her ageing aunt who suffered from dementia by keeping her at home with her. She could look after her sister, financially. Paige felt proud of every...

    Completed   Mature
  • Holiday Fling to Wedding Ring
    184K 6.7K 12

    Would you marry someone you've just met? Sophie meets hotel magnate Tom in Hawaii on holidays. Amazingly he proposes after a week. More amazingly she agrees. Is he the perfect dad for her daughter? Or is there a secret behind his rushed proposal? Very excited to have my entire story - "Holiday Fling to Wedding Ring"...

  • One Weekend Away (SAMPLE ONLY)
    2.6M 1.2K 3

    WARNING: As this book is available to read free on Amazon's Kindle Unlimited (KU), only a sample of the story is allowed to be published here. If you do not have a KU subscription, the novel is also available for purchase on Amazon. Full body wax? Hot bikini? Identical twin's ID to preserve own reputation? All sport...

  • Finding Home #SYTYCW15 #SpecialEdition
    264K 7.3K 20

    Bad-boy turned bush pilot Conner Morgan was content with his life until Andie Turner reentered it. He could easily fall for her, if only her Christmas shop wasn't in his building, the one he's about to sell to developers. Andie hasn't seen Conner since he broke her heart in high school. She'd never get involved with h...

  • For Love, For Honor - #SYTYCW15 #CarinaPress
    7.6K 244 13

    He loved his country and the Corps but he never expected to love her... This is not a completed work. It has been expanded and honed since posted, but I do not have the final draft posted on Wattpad. Thank you!

  • Love Defined
    256K 10.9K 26

    To Piper Baker, love is a hoax simply created to brainwash us all into believing life isn't as bad as it seems. She knows better though. Piper knows not to trust in the unreliability of love but to rather focus on what she can control- the opening of her specialty bake store. But Piper is soon going to find that life...

  • That Sweet Deal
    416K 14.8K 22

    Gwen McPherson's boyfriend is a cheater and lousy lay (not necessarily in that order). Upon dumping him Gwen moves in with her best friend, Annalise, and drowns her sorrows in her sweet baking career. Gwen is surprised her hunky new neighbor is the most delicious part of her single life. Dorian Byrne is hiding from hi...

    Completed   Mature
  • On Bended Knee
    968K 28K 19

    After her relationship publicly explodes, physiotherapist Lucy MacKinley decides that the mature way to handle it is to run away from home. But in the remote town she's fled to, she finds that British heartthrob Frederick Asherton is not only filming a movie in town, he's landed himself on her exam table. Frederick is...

    Completed   Mature
  • Gracie's Bluff #specialedition
    857 39 7

    Gracie Dodge and Braden James must bury their resentments to honor the final wishes of Gracie's father. They face compelling conflicts on their path to peace - a long overdue reunion, a marriage of convenience, and a dangerous secret. Will the inheritance that brought them together again, ultimately tear them apart fo...

  • Full Count (New Adult Romance) #SYTYCW15 #JustWriteIt
    2.4K 75 43

    Bianca Ferrari and Skyler Swanson have multiple dynamics to their relationship. Bianca thrives on the pitching mound; Skyler excels as a catcher. He’s friends with her brother, Alex, making romantic feelings a challenge. Alex pushes Skyler to leave his birthday party to go to the cabin where Bianca shows up the next m...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Sheikh's Forbidden Jewel
    160K 6K 16

    This hot contemporary romance in exciting settings was a Top 50 semi-finalist in Harlequin's So You Think You Can Write 2015 competition. Enjoy!

  • Bought at a price #SYTYCW15 #PRESENTS - completed
    303K 10.8K 15

    Bought at a price - Presents - sytycw15 Betrayal - lies - falling in love with the wrong man - friendships - fighting attraction - Melbourne - London - Spain - Middle East Part one - pitch Part two - chapter one Part three - chapter two and so forth... completed

    Completed   Mature
  • Where Have All The Cowboys Gone formerly titled; Protecting the Cowboys Baby by Elle Marlow
    5.2K 236 10

    Thank you for reading Where Have All The Cowboys Gone Avail are the blurb and the First Chapter. The entire manuscript is avail on Amazon for your E reader and coming soon in paperback. As always, you can find me at www.ElleMarlowWrite on T...

  • Contest Categories
    38.4K 577 20

    Below are the 18 different Categories (or lines) you can write for in our So You Think You Can Write contest. The Harlequin editors advise you to review the guidelines and read some current books published in that Category. Writing tips can also be found at the How to Write Perfect Romance and American...

  • The Liberated Wife
    523 14 5

    Taylor Ansley is a lifestyle blogger focusing on home décor and DIY home improvements. When her husband asks for an open marriage, she’s sent into shock never imagining her life to take this turn. On a flight to Miami to speak on a design blogger’s panel she meets a man who understands more about her than she’s com...

  • Game On
    170K 4.7K 31

    there is a very thin line between love and hate; and when it gets crossed, someone is bound to get hurt.

  • Out of Focus #SYTYCW15 Top10 Finalist! [COMPLETED]
    1.1M 41K 50

    ***A WATTPAD FEATURED NOVEL Dec 1st, 2015*** EVA TURNER's a single-mom in witness protection hoping to start over and establish lifelong roots on Haven Island. But things get complicated when her small-scale photography business goes viral. MARSHALL DAVIES is a world-weary investigative journalist (suffering PTSD) wit...

  • The Senator's Son (2016 Watty Award Winner)
    22.7M 734K 40

    College is just like her old life . . . bleak. Surviving it won't be easy, especially when the girlfriend of the guy she's loved her entire life would rather see her dead. So much for that clean slate. Instead she's constantly looking over her shoulder, watching, waiting and worrying. Lucky for Emma she met The...

  • For Keeps
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    This is my SYTYCW15 entry.