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  • Be My Princess (Fanfiction): A Rose to Remember
    7.3K 314 27

    One regular morning, as Adeline began to open her Grandmother's Boutique. She bumped into the Crown Prince of Charles, who was on his way to a Ball in Nobel Michel. Here, in the Shopping District of Charles, blossomed an undying love. Will Adeline and Prince Edward fall in love? Or will they part ways and Adeline be j...

  • Be My Princess 2 (FanFiction): Frozen Heart
    31.4K 1K 30

    Kathleen Johnson's life goes from being a normal Pastry Chef in training to a marriage candidate for the Crown Prince of Sanct Sybil, Prince Ivan Chernenkov. No one had expected her to catch his bouquet at the Ball in Lord Nobel Michel's Castle. As much as she doesn't want to be a Queen of a country. Kathleen gets pul...

  • Be My Princess (FanFiction): Rosalind
    22.2K 715 22

    Another Fanfiction of Voltage Inc.'s Be My Princess. Rosalind, Prince Edward's little sister, finally escapes from her kidnappers-- and finally returns home after ten long years. By some miracle. Will she be able to tell her brother what had happened while she was kidnapped? How she had finally escaped after all the...

  • Be My Princess (Fanfiction): A Forgotten Memory
    56.3K 1.8K 38

    Linda has lived in Nobel Michel ever since she could remember. On her eighteenth birthday, she stumbles upon Prince Edward next to a local flower shop, who invites her to Lord Nobel Michel's Ball. There, she meets the other Crowned Princes, including Prince Glenn. Linda has seen Prince Glenn before, but she can't seem...

  • Be My Princess (FanFiction): Summer in Altaria
    88.2K 3K 45

    Katerina Lieben has a past like no other. She's the Princess of Dres Van, the Princess who ran away from home five years ago. For the past five years, she's known as Kate Wilson. An ordinary twenty year old living life day by day. One night, while she's in Altaria for a little vacation from Charles, she stumbled upon...

  • Be My Princess (FanFiction): The Wedding
    20.1K 457 11

    Prince Wilfred and Lady Linda are finally engaged. As they plan their summer wedding, will they still have time for each other? Prince Wilfred and Lady Linda come from the same world, but their duties are different. Prince Wilfred has a Kingdom to think about and Lady Linda has all Six Kingdoms to take care of and pro...

  • Be My Princess (Fanfiction)
    78.9K 1.9K 26

    This is a fanfiction based on the international dating game of Voltage Inc., Be My Princess. Lady Linda lost her mother, Lady Sophia, when she was just eight years old at one of her grandfather's parties, Lord Nobel Michel. Her mother was to be the next heir when her grandfather would soon have to retire as Lord. But...