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  • Transformers Prime - Sparked
    6.5K 256 4

    Arcee and CliffJumper were partners, but they weren't just partners on the battlefield. They were much closer, though they'd kept it their little secret. No one else knew. No one else could understand. And when CliffJumper had perished . . . Arcee had to find her strength to accept it gracefully. She still struggles w...

  • Transformers Prime: Through Bad and Through Worse
    138K 3.8K 54

    So this is a RatchetxOptimus fanfic written by a partnership between me, Pepauppy_Autobot, and ScorchleDragon. We do not own Transformers or its characters, we only own the plot. Cover art not mine. #TooLazyToDoItMyself

  • "Bubba" (Leatherface x Reader)
    215K 4.6K 43

    Bubba is a reformed serial murderer; His family are cannibals and his job is to find new people to hunt down. But what happens once his eyes lay on a girl who is a lot different from everyone else? All she wants to do is find peace where no one can hurt her. All Bubba wants to do is comfort her all he can, But is afra...

    Completed   Mature
  • Devil Akuma (ShortStory: Tekken Fanfic; Xiaoyu x Jin)
    3.3K 38 2

    Devil Gene has it's new successor...

  • Red vs Blue Oneshots
    130K 3.2K 60

    just a bunch of rvb oneshots (reader inserts and ships) got any requests? leave a comment! got any prompts? leave a comment! OCs are allowed! ~warning: may be some lemons and spoilers~ (i'll give you a heads up) <3