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  • 1989 ➞ harry potter awards
    7.2K 608 30

    the 1989 harry potter awards are all about giving your harry potter fanfictions the recognition that they deserve, and the constructive criticism that they might need. participants get prizes, judges get prizes, and winners get special prizes! everyone gets prizes! what are you waiting for? come on in and join the 198...

  • The Pastel Awards → OPEN
    41.9K 2.5K 8

    The Pastel Awards is a competition for undiscovered authors with books under 100k reads, to enter their novels in order to hopefully gain recognition and become well known. Most genres are accepted, more information inside. Good luck! Read the book to find out more information on the 2018 Pastel Awards.

  • Rose Awards 2017
    20.2K 1.3K 12

    Read to find out how to enter, books released after July 2016 are eligible. Can be ongoing or complete. Must be in English. More details inside!