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  • Is your joke still funny? (Book 1)
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    I love you and I'm missing you (All disclaimers in the bar above :))

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    ❝the teenagers in this generation spend too much time inside❞ ❝but I can see. We want an adventure❞ ❝we were born in the 1990's❞ ❝so let's show them what 90's kids grew up with❞

  • Breaking Bad || Matthew Espinosa (Book II)
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    -SEQUEL TO MY BAD BOY -A MATTHEW ESPINOSA FANFIC- Maybe I was the bad one this entire time. •You don't necessarily need to read the last book but it is advised•

  • Blur// Matthew Espinosa
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    Life's just one big blur.

  • A Year Oversea | Kian Lawley
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    [DISCLAIMER: Don't read if you don't like sappy cliché stories that move too fast. this story needs to be edited but i don't have the time right now so bare with my spelling and writing skills from three years ago, it gets better I promise] Lucy is a 16 year old girl from England .She's crazy about America and will sp...

  • The jerk I fell for. (Matthew Espinosa)
    394 22 4

    Ariana Prior was the leader of a gang. A gang of girls called the Dauntless. They were reckless, crazy, smart, dangerous, brave, and well, fun. Her brother, Jack Prior (Jack Gilinsky) doesn't like her gang but, there's nothing he can do. Then a he joins a boy gang called Magcon and the girls hate them, maybe... The le...

  • Reckless // Matthew Espinosa
    8M 151K 47

    "Yeah, But-" I tried to say. "No more buts. Just get your cute little butt to bed so we can cuddle." He commanded. People do crazy things just for the thrill of it. Zoe Tyler never experienced or understood that. That was until she met Matthew Espinosa. The boy who taught her how to love and be a little Reckless. This...