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  • We are Just Lonely People, Living Lonely Lives (Beatle Fan Fic)
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    ""It was a lovely thing truly, to hear this side he hides come out, the side I just learned about . He replied to me simply, "Mum's dead, haven't seen my dad in years, live with my aunt, so we have a lot in common Rosie. We are both lonely people, living lonely lives, without anyone to really understand, except each o...

  • An Empty Tea Cup and a Note That Says I Love You (Sequel to Lonely People)
    32.4K 1K 21

    It's late 1964, 7 years after Rosie Carlson was with John, and she hasn't heard from him since. There never came a letter, no matter how many times she tried to get a response, and she is still trying to hear from him, sending John letters every time she can. Doing her best to move on, which is hard to do, Rosie works...

  • The Boy That Shouldn't Be
    5.2K 103 14

    Elizabeth Halsey is tossed out of her boarding school, so she heards home, to Liverpool. But something she sees on the way there may change her forever.

    Completed   Mature
  • XOXO Gee(Gerard Way Oneshot)
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    Too shy to approach her, Gerard leaves a note to the girl who has caught his eye. (OneShot)

  • Waiting For This.
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    Bree dreams every night with this mysterious guy, the thing is that he insinuates that they'll meet soon, that's what he pleads for, she'll get the message in it's complete way. She's just waiting... © 2014 vickeyestohear..