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  • Pyscho Harry - Oneshot
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    〰️Her Effect Contest〰️ "Oh sweetheart, you don't know who you are messing with." "Do I not, little mouse?" "What's with this 'little mouse' business?" "It's all just a game, right? A cat likes to play with their food before they eat." "So I'm guessing you're the cat?" "You got that right." "Alright, kitten."

    Completed   Mature
  • Same plot , Different STYLES
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    What if you ARE a character in a book and was suddenly not in your story? One shot entry for @chingyonce

  • Assassin One Shot
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    "Yeah I just brought her over because Liza thought it would be a good idea for us to get to "know each other"". Vampire stated in air quotes as he gave a 'what the hell' face and continued eating his chips. "I think- I think she's beautiful." I said not taking my eyes off the girl he brought to our dinner. "You clear...

  • Her Effect: One Shot Contest
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    This is the one shot for the "Her Effect" contest by @chingyonce

  • The Psycho That Fell In Love
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    Everything was good all he wanted to do was get away from the voices in his head and go screw some girl's but what happens if he falls in love with someone other than liza.

  • Assassin stole my heart ~ one-shot
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    My one shot one chance entry to @chingyonce contest Entering 'cause Im fab And you know what I say; Just do it bitch.

  • Psycho Harry One Shot: Her Effect Contest
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    This is a submission to the Her Effect One Shot contest, @Chingyonce, I hope you enjoy

  • The Pumpkin Carving Club ( Her Effect One Shot )
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    Psycho Harry one shot

  • Cassie//Vampire Harry
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    For @chingyonce's oneshot contest. Enjoy!

  • Like, The Car? -Her Effect One Shot
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    "I like your name; reminds me of the car." This is a one-shot for @Chingyonce for her contest.

  • High// Vampire Harry one shot
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    "Do you want to hear a joke?" He chuckled. "But be warned, it's the best joke ever and you will fall over from laughter" "But I'm sitting down already" I giggled. "What do you call an apple pie getting high in McDonalds?" He said, looking so excited, like a little boy on Christmas day. "What?" I said already laughing...

  • She's The One -Vampire Harry One Shot
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    This is part of @Chingyonce 's one shot contest. So I choose vampire Harry the chill one lol.

  • Her Effect- One Shot
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    He has to save her from the demons in his head, he has to.

  • Her Effect One Shot
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    My entry for @Chingyonce contest

  • On the Mission | Assassin Harry One Shot
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    All Liza wanted for me was love. Not from her, but from the heart of another. But how can I tell her that I found it without her killing me? One shot for contest hosted by @Chingyonce pls don't read this, it's vv cringy and it's not even accurate for Her Effect and i hate so pls don't

  • Her Effect One Shot- Assassin
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    This is a one shot, based in Assassin Harry's fan fiction, basically a prequel to The Styles Effect.

  • her effect // assassin harry.
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    thought i would give it a go, not really that much of a writer but hey i whipped this bad boy up & i'd like to know what you think.

  • a sad, mad, and broken Man || harry
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    third place winner of @chingyonce's writing contest.

    Completed   Mature
  • Target // Her-Effect one shot contest entry
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    "Hi, welcome to Target!" A one-shot that takes place the days before Psycho and Liza meet. Enjoy!

  • Vampire Harry one shot -Her Effect
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    Vamp Daddy is here to stay.

  • Higher Than The Empire State(One Shot)
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    Vampire Harry (One Shot). Character taken from 'Styles Effect' and 'Her Effect' written by @chingyonce . I'm entering this into the competition she's holding in hopes that I'll win one of the prizes and solely just for fun. Le Blurb: (Read in that cliché*no pun intended* movie presenter voice) In a world, where a pla...

  • Her Effect - One Shot
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    contest for Her Effect

  • austin nights ¤ vamp hs one shot
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    vamp harry one shot based on character vampire harry from 'The Styles Effect' and sequel 'Her Effect' created by Chingyonce. read her books, you will NOT be disappointed.

  • Her Effect One-Shot
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    Vampire Harry and Hailey one shot picture book! Originally from @Chingyonce "Her Effect". Prepare to be confused... Cover made by me, the potato.

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    I love this story and i love this girl so I hope my love can be seen. @TastyBleach thanks for the cover. Much love. @Peekaboolilo thanks for editing shit, you ma fam.

  • Her Effect: One Shot
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    Assassin's love interest.For @Chingyonce's one shot contest.

  • Clarry | Her Effect One-Shot
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    I always loved the way Assassin mumbled kinky Italian shit under his breath.

  • Assassin Her Effect One Shot Contest Chingyonce
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    One shot story for Her Effect contest @chingyonce