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  • Wasted (Neymar Fan-Fiction)
    289K 7.9K 30

    Before I could fall, I felt a strong pair of arms, like that of an athlete’s, wrapping around my waist. “Annoying brat,” his familiar voice huffed, but this time, I found myself smiling. ----------------------- Neymar da Silva Santos, famous Brazilian forward for football, is hung up over his ex. He promises himself t...

  • Best Mate's Sister (Neymar)
    1.2M 21.7K 50

    After Neymar Jr signed for FC Barcelona he got a really good relationship with Alexis Sánchez, and there is always a golden rule between best mates; the sister is out of limits but sometimes heart can't be ruled, at least not for Neymar. | book 2: brother's best friend |

  • And suddenly we fell in love (a Neymar fanfiction)
    21.1K 415 23

    Faith is going to the World Cup. Her father is Dutch and her mother who died a few years ago was Brazilian. Faith and her father are supporting Brazil and The Netherlands through the World Cup. Then there is that one special football player...Neymar. ©iGucciMiley ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

  • American Girl, Brazilian World
    10.5K 362 40

    Mackenzie Brooke, a 22 year old woman who's hoping to make her dreams come true; dreams involving soccer. She's got her successful soccer team, FC Barcelona, that she's a part of. Now, she hopes to get better and become a part of the World Cup sooner or later. However, she needs that extra push. That extra inspiratio...

  • No Good (Neymar Jr.)
    485 16 3

    After a victory, and finding out his girlfriend screwed him over, he decides he needs a drink. Unfortunately, he had one too many. He had tried to dial a cab, but ended up calling someone else, and that call may have changed his life. tvrres © 2015 all rights reserved.

  • When You Wake Me Up( A Neymar fanfiction)
    7.7K 230 9

    Rayne decides to take a vacation for herself, from Canada to Brasil! She wants a relaxing month with no drama, until she meets someone. Neymar is in Brasil and recently single. He runs into the beautiful Rayne. It starts in an elevator. (don't judge by the bad description)

  • Soul Mates [Slow Updates]
    16.1K 445 17

    Ava Camila has known Neymar since they were in diapers. Their parents are close friends and have been talking about their future for years. But they've also been talking about their future together, as in a relationship. They're getting an arranged marriage.

  • We Can Make This Work {Neymar Jr Fanfic}
    771 45 10

    Diane Pique is now in beautiful Los Angeles,studying abroad and Neymar is back and forth to Brazil and Barcelona They promised that there relationship would work even with long distance, but is someone waiting to rip them apart?

  • Trip to Spain [Neymar jr]
    8.3K 264 25

    Camila Morgan and Juianna Solo get to go to Spain for a week. They end up meeting Neymar Jr & Camila can't stop thinking about him. They meet up a few times, but Neymar's Ex finds out and she isn't they happiest person. Continue reading to find out what happens.....

  • Best Friend's Brother [Slow Updates]
    7.8K 260 5

    He's fire, she's ice; but opposites attract, right? - Neymar is the typical bad boy. The one who comes off as a heartless and steals your girl. He's used to women wanting him, but this one girl .. this one girl who he wanted to get in bed with changes his whole perspective. She's just as bad he's never met a woman lik...

  • Engaged To An Asshole
    629 27 4

    When Roslyn's brother Sergio Roberto, calls his sister in for a job interview, Roslyn stops her slow career and moves in with her brother in Barcelona, Roslyn soon finds out there was no job and is asked to get engaged to Neymar Junior.

  • Dream within a dream
    8.9K 314 36

    Eliana is a 22 year old girl who is a worldwide known fashion designer, one year ago she met someone famous(neymar jr) and he showed her what heaven is like, yet he left. what happens when they see each other again? all rights reserved. I don't own any of the pictures.

  • without you || n.j
    631K 13K 40

    { major editing - 2018} 18 year old Cassandra Avana did the least expected, have a one night stand with fútbol player Neymar Jr. That's not all. She's having his baby. Little does Neymar know he's having a little girl. What happens when they meet again a year later? Copyright © by mbartra- unedited

  • Nothing But Enemies
    7.6K 624 61

    Layla Elizabeth Bass.A girl from the city that never sleeps. NYC. She has a hardcore crush on the world famous footballer Neymar jr. And luckily gets a chance to see him in person in Brazil with her bff Aria Sparks. But what's going to happen when she finally meet him? The title might answer your question. But I be...

  • Just a one night stand? » neymar jr // m.bartra
    111K 3.1K 40

    What are you going to do if someone who you had a one night stand with three years ago, joins the soccer team where your brother and boyfriend play? What are you going to do, panic? I already did, what are you going to do then? Well.... That's the question.

  • Pro Escort (+18) Slow Updates!
    309K 7.1K 23

    Some chapters are private. You need to follow me to be able to read them! ♠♠♠♠♠ "Stop! You can't do this! You are breaching the contract!" I yelled furiously. "How am I breaching the contract?" he asked amused. "," I managed to say with long pauses in-between the words, because of what h...

  • change is good. (neymar fanfiction)
    3.8K 109 4

    Rebecca is a 20 year old university student who lives in London. She loves staying there but her father gets offered a job at Brazil! She stays at her new university in Brazil until she joins a course to work with the National Brazil Team. Her and the other 20 students join a competition to work with one player in th...

  • O meu Ursinho
    530 39 8

    My name is Luana... My whole life I dream about trip to Brazil. But, the other opportunity appears. Yes, I am going to Barcelona, city of my club! Will I meet the love of my life? The one who I dream of since I was 10? Find out in my story...

  • Baby junior
    18.5K 447 15

    Hi!! Im Alissa Brooks, im nineteen years old and i LOVE FOOTBALL most girls that i know just like football because of the players,and then theres me, a girl who couldnt care less about the players. What alissa didnt know is that she would bump into the one and only neymar Jr and spend one forgetful night with him. Bu...

  • The Chase. (Neymar Fanfiction)
    9.7K 243 9

    After about a year of being in Barcelona, Neymar had yet to find a girl he wanted to give his heart. Then, he meets a girl who's a total mystery. Never in his life has Neymar experienced anyone like her. How far will he go on this chase? Love you lot! Comment and let me know you're reading!

  • Mine.
    572 25 4

    Kimberly dos Ramos is The football star Neymar Jr best friend since birth. They always liked each other but never admitted it.

  • What Happened In Paris ✔ COMPLETED
    131K 3.8K 17

    "Neymar please," I pleaded with a trembling voice. He lifted my chin and glanced down at my face. His eyes looked even more beautiful up close. "I want to..." Neymar whispered as he gazed at my lips. I stared at him as I tried to figure out what was going on. He pressed his plump lips onto mine and kissed me without w...

  • When love comes to an end
    13.2K 408 18

    He is my best friend, he is my older "brother" always taking care of me. Most of you probably know him as Neymar Jr. the Brazilian footballer. We're friends since I was 8 years old, he was my cousin's schoolmate and so our friendship started. Have I ever thought of him being more than just a friend? Always. Did he...

  • Lost (Sequel of Dreaming Of You)
    35.3K 1.4K 28

    SEQUEL OF DREAMING OF YOU. The life of Amanda, Natasha and Davi after that so called 'death' of Neymar Jr. What if Neymar is alive and the body she saw 15 years ago was a different person?

  • Dreaming Of You (Neymar Jr fanfiction) COMPLETED
    167K 3.2K 57

    18 years old, Amanda Louise, a normal young lady with big dreams, including meeting the brazilian hottie of FC Barcelona, Neymar Da Silva Santos Jr. what would happen if all of her dreams came true? Would she love her new life? or would want to go back to her normal life?

  • Castle [1] Neymar Jr
    41.6K 1.5K 58

    "I cant do this anymore " [][][] Everything is different behind close doors . An unhappy and lost king with a failing marriage and a love struck queen with high hopes . But how much longer does queen serayah take it ? With a two year old son and a failing marriage how much longer can she take it ? Amazing feedbacks...

  • Journey to Forever
    16.6K 674 4

    its true when peterpan says its a never ending story because it isnt for neymar and bethany they were only being tested over and over again by their relationship , What will happen if bethany goes to Her sold out world wide tour and dealing with the consequences of not seeing neymar after they just got back together...

    Completed   Mature
  • Neymar's Baby Mama (Neymar Jr Fan Fiction)
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  • Let Me (Neymar Jr)
    20.1K 817 17

    Desteny Brickstone seems like an ordinary girl, but actually no one knows what she's hiding. Her life is complicated and made of secrets. Despite that she has her one and only dream which is to become a football player. Once she meets Neymar Jr. in one hand her life becomes a bit easier, but in the other hand way too...