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  • Blackout | ✓
    1.2M 64.3K 37

    There are some things you can't forget. Copyright © k.monroe 2016

    23K 1.7K 9

    It's the bestfriend retreat of your dreams. Four friends, one luxury Airbnb. A weekend away from your problems. Only, Sierra and her friends are not alone. Add in a trio of strangers and a locked door, and this holiday turns deadly. A young adult thriller romance written by the same author as High School Hit List and...

    320K 21.4K 22


  • Fraternizing with the Enemy
    8M 372K 44

    (alternatively called: slow burn, second-hand embarrassment, and shenanigans) A girl made up of short fuses, clumsy feet and copious amounts of sarcasm has to team up with her irritatingly obnoxious neighbour in the name of love (also known as raging teenage hormones). Because in the grand scheme of things, what's a l...

  • The Art of Falling
    201K 14.2K 21

    In which the lives of ex-best friends, Somi Han and Joshua Kang, collide once more.

    1.1M 36.4K 35


  • Hall of Fame (Complete)
    330K 20K 39

    [Completed] Peyton loves baseball. Losing his ace pitcher brother turned Santiago away from the game. Can she make him fall for it again without risking her heart or future? *** Peyton O'Hare loves baseball more than anyone. Too bad she's a girl and can't pursue it professionally. Santiago Miranda has the game running...

  • Twenty-One Night Stand ✓
    2.3M 68.7K 40

    A Watty Award winner and a featured Wattpad novel. Five years ago, Maddie Hyun and her best friend Peter made a pact. Now it's time to follow through. 21.04.16 → 20.10.16

    Completed   Mature
  • When My Shift Ends | ✓
    2.8M 173K 37

    When former beauty pageant queen, Ellie Wilde, hears of her grandmother's sickness, she's the first to offer to drive her to her chemotherapy. What she didn't know she was agreeing to was an obnoxiously cheerful blond boy somehow nudging his way into her life. ©iwearheelys, all rights reserved.

  • Maybe One Day
    28.3M 750K 33

    Hayley Donovan has been in love with Jace Hammond for years, but as they finally begin to grow close, they're pulled apart by the ghosts of their pasts. ***** Hayley Donovan has been in love with her bes...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Fakers
    1.9M 33.8K 13

    It was love at first elbow to the nose. When skirt-chasing TV star, Liam Black, gets thrown out of an unknown actress's apartment, he is impressed by the Z-lister's surprising amount of self-respect. (She's a Z-lister and he's Liam Black, after all.) After some subtle stalking, Liam learns that the woman is ambitious...

  • Smitten Kitten
    1.2M 74.8K 26

    Vika's always had a pretty decent grasp on a man's brain- touch his arm, laugh at his jokes, and always invest in a good bra. And to be fair, it's never lead her wrong before. It's been a twenty-four year long success story. Until Noel, with his thick-rimmed glasses and sleek black suits and mouth-watering jawline, an...

  • Anchorage | ✓
    543K 31.6K 29

    Lennon Kapoor didn't really know how to live until her brother died. Copyright © k.monroe 2016

    17.8K 509 11

    So you wanna talk about love? You wanna talk about heartache? Let's talk about ivy league freshmen Luke Henson and his unyielding desire to be liked, loved, remembered and prized. Then after that, let's talk about Kennedy Vo, resident alpha-girl and the star of everyone's daydream. This is about the heartache that com...

  • Deen Queens
    24.4K 1.6K 29

    {A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY} Saleena is a world famous singer, hating the glitter and the gold but remaining number one in the charts in sheer desperation. She will do anything to protect her dark secrets from the public eye, crying every night at the monsters she sees in her sleep. Becky is torn between her mother's c...

  • Fool Me Once
    8.3K 306 3

    Three years after the tragic passing of her mother, Elody's father relocates the two of them from a small town in Virginia to the seaside city of San Serrano, California, finally ready for a clean slate. But being the girl on financial support in a school full of rich kids is no cake walk, and when Declan Nakamura, St...

  • Dear Adventurous
    6.4K 497 5

    What you've found is the fan-art adventures of a wild woman; a collection of fan-arts for the adventurous reader. All of what's inside is based on some WattPad stories, you might know a couple of them. Each story selected was chosen simply because I admire them. Nothing will be sexually explicit, so please don't ask...

  • We The Young (Complete)
    109K 10.3K 46

    [Completed] Vera, a singer held back by her size, and Ashton, a songwriter looking to stop failing himself, team up to overcome the obstacles holding them back and achieve their dreams by forming the greatest rock band of our time. *** Vera has always dreamt of being a singer, but is held back by her judgmental mother...