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  • Haunted Rayne
    33.1K 2.4K 26

    A young murderer with amnesia enrolls in a reform school exclusively for wealthy teens. This steep tuition pays to clean records and erase evidence of heinous pasts. There's only one problem: The campus is haunted. »»-------------¤-------------«« "Like a starting pistol for a track event, this thriller should snap rea...

  • The Sword Unbroken
    424K 30.7K 62

    An enslaved battleboxer and a fallen noble with a dangerous secret must agree to an uneasy alliance despite conflicting loyalties and forbidden attraction. ***** An enslaved champion in the bloodsport of battleboxing, Imalroc has fought for years to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Raising Hell
    589 102 9

    Armageddon will befall the earth when the antichrist is born, or it would if Lucifer could spawn a bouncing baby boy. Luckily for Evil incarnate, and unluckily for the rest of the world, the demon Diabolous has enough pattern recognition to notice that if Lucifer hasn't had a boy after 76 girls, 77 isn't going to be a...