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  • Inked || Dylan O'Brien
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    "Why so many tattoos?" "It helps me forget.." "Forget?" she questions. My hand brushes over the rigid scar along my bicep."The past. The pain." - Life In Colour || The Sequel - In Progress - twitter: @thebadlxnds spotify: @ thebxdlxnds - **Under Editing (Please ignore the awful tenses and spelling errors)**

    Completed   Mature
  • Demon By Day (Sequel To Demon By Night)
    906K 29.7K 28

    Bailey and Harry have been married for one whole year. Everything was great, they were madly in love, and living happily with the boys. They had a relationship that everyone else envied, until one day... (This story is the sequel to 'Demon By Night' cover by ImmatureLad )

  • Demon By Night (Harry Styles Horror Love Story)
    4.1M 92.4K 42

    I winced as he forcefully grabbed my hips, pushing me up against the brick wall. "W-who are you?" I choked out. His grip on my waist tightened, making the pain much greater. Who was he? What was he doing to me? The deep voice chuckled. "I could say so may things." My attacker lent down, his hot breath tickling my ear...

  • Shadow
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    "what are you? what is your name?" I asked, terrified yet intrigued to this thing or guy or whatever it is. "your worst fucking nightmare." it said in a sarcastic tone as it rolled it's eyes. "I'm serious." i furrowed my eyebrows, annoyed with it. "my name is Stiles and I am your shadow." © All Rights Reserved