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  • Written in the Stars ✩ Doctor Who
    16.8K 594 22

    love made the danger in you look like safety -rupi kaur When she was little she had an encounter with unearthly creature. With terrible eyes filled with hatred and blood lust. The creatures had broken the little girl she was. When she got older she had another unearthly encounter. Unlike the last time this creature...

  • Doctor Who Poetry (Volume I)
    198K 4.8K 51

    I am and always will be the σρтιмιsт, The нσρεя of far-flung нσρεs and ∂яεαмεя of ιмρяσвαвℓε ∂яεαмs. [The Almost People] Doctor Who Poetry celebrates the long-running British sci-fy show "Doctor Who" with a collection of fifty poems inspired by episodes, characters, and more. I do not own Doctor Who, all ownership go...

  • A Touch From The Weeping Angels (Short Story)
    577 41 6

    -Angels Take Manhanttan- This is the story about Amy Pond life after being touched by the weeping angel in Mahanttan

  • A River Of Stars [On Hold]
    4.2K 686 29

    A TARDIS. A sonic screwdriver. A madman. Rebecca Irma Smith is thrust into this crazy world, and she adjusts remarkably well. Shy, nervous, but fiercely intelligent, she proves a worthy companion to the Doctor. But she has a dark secret as well, one which has tortured her for years. Will it get her kicked out of the b...

  • Find Me (A Doctor Who FanFic)
    982 48 3

    Clarissa Anderson is nothing important. She wakes up, makes the mediocre transit to her mediocre job, takes orders from mediocre customers, and returns home for the evening. There is nothing special about her life. However, it all changes when she bumps into a man, a madman with a blue box and a little device that h...

  • Galaxy (Doctor Who FanFiction)
    75 1 1

    This takes place when Peter Capaldi is the Doctor. Hope you enjoy. // Lucy Nethers was never knew what life was really like she was on a path of lies, abuse, and no love from her family, she was dark and quiet. She never smiled and never laughed. Until a man with a blue box came into her life and changed her world to...

  • The Man From Her Dreams ☾ Doctor Who Fanfiction { F E A T U R I N G }
    138K 5.2K 39

    BOOK ONE // 9th 10th 11th Fanfiction ~~ 'Who am I?' That's the question Lizzie asks herself every day. Elisabeth Smith was 5 when she was found, with no memories of what happened before she ended in that alley, in London. She was an orphan. She started a 'normal' life in an orphanage, but it's never that normal when...

  • Anywhere In Time And Space // doctor who
    744 28 3

    //discontinued// She can see things that even he can't see. She can open her mind to more things than you can imagine and she is sharing her ways with The Doctor. When The Doctor can she the true beauty of everything around him, could he see the beauty in Rasa? Can she be the beauty he has been looking for all of his...

  • Struggling To Adjust (Book Three of The Bad Wolf Chronicles)
    125K 4.3K 29

    Planet Earth. That's where she was born. It's also where she died. The first time. For the first fifteen years of Jessie Nightshade's life, nothing happened. Nothing at all. Not ever. She joined SHIELD her freshman year of high school, but still, it seemed like nothing happened. And then she met a man called the Docto...

  • Dancing Across Time (Book Two of The Bad Wolf Chronicles)
    113K 4.5K 29

    After her difficult past, Jessie Nightshade found a way to run from it all. She's trusted the Doctor since "run," and they haven't stopped since. With Captain Jack Harkness onboard, she finally felt at home. Then came the Game Station. And Jessie's life took yet another sharp turn. Jack was dead, and the Doctor gave u...

  • What He Whispers (DW Fanfic) ABANDONED
    54.3K 1.1K 20

    The Doctor finds a strange girl with a surprising past. What has he gotten himself into this time? 11/OC THIS STORY IS DEAD AND ABANDONED, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

  • We Were Born To Die
    473 23 1

    Clara is confused on why she's so important to the Doctor. All she ever did for him is jump into his timeline. So why is he so desperate in finding out why she's so Impossible. Clara wants to know why she's impossible too but how can she when most of her thoughts are consumed in her echoes lives. She needs someone to...

  • In Theory • Doctor Who
    25K 1.6K 24

    ❝In theory nothing is impossible, because if it was, I would have stopped listening as soon as you said time travelling police box❞ [PETE'S WORLD] • [POST DOOMSDAY] [you can also read this on ao3! my username is scifi]

  • The Girl of Time (Doctor Who Fan-fiction)
    97K 5K 68

    From the day they arrive on the planet, and blinking step into the sun, there is more to see than- "Dude, that's the Lion King." "Oh...sorry." "No, whatever just...just try again." The human world, it's a mess. Life- "Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's the Little Mermaid." Humans are amazing. They all just go through so muc...

  • Ticking Clocks (Doctor Who Fanfic)
    472 30 8

    There is one girl in the world, one without a plan, and one with a monster. This is the story of that girl, and how she finds hope, and a sad old man with a blue box, living on a cloud in a sky, and sees herself in his bright green eyes. They cannot win, but they can run, and they've been running as fast as they can...

  • Beyond The Void || doctor who
    53.9K 2.6K 23

    WATTYS 2016 The Doctor is lonely, and after plummeting into another dimension, he meets Jessica Bennett, who could help him get back to his own world. But he's not the only one who's lonely, because Jess has known all her life that she was an outcast, someone unlike the rest. When her lifelong hero comes and rescues...

  • :. Saving Louise .: Doctor Who
    133K 4.5K 40

    Louise Kingston has lived a very protected life, but she's dreamed of going on adventures with a man she's never met. Little does she know that this said man abruptly appears in her life and finds the same notion that he's met her before, he just can't pinpoint it. The Doctor finds himself in Northern England when he...

  • Time {Doctor Who Fanfiction}
    3.7K 264 5

    An 18 year-old girl with the ability to manipulate time and a 900 year-old alien with a time machine... What could go wrong?

  • Do Dreams Come True? (Doctor Who Fanfiction) *Edited*
    49.9K 1.3K 26

    Have you ever had a dream? Something you want to have happen? A fantasy perhaps? Claire has a dream, and like everyone body else she thinks that her dream won't come true like she wants it too. She's determined but things never really work out the right way for her. Nothing ever does, does it? Because life is life. It...

  • Burning Stars {A Doctor Who Fan Fiction} [REWRITE IN PROGRESS!]
    92.1K 3.7K 38

    The Doctor - the Oncoming Storm; the last Time Lord; destroyer of Gallifrey; the hopeless wanderer. Annabelle Pond - one of the many who wish to see the stars; one of the few who've gotten the chance to encounter the strange rareties of the universe; clever, witty, and slightly smart-mouthed; the Doctor's newest c...

  • The Girl Lost In Time
    56.1K 2.6K 18

    Amelia and Rory Pond, reunited in the 1930s, are expecting a baby. They rejoice the fact that the chance came and a healthy girl is born. Elthia Pond grew up about 80 years too early. She was told and retold about this Doctor, but the only doctor she knew was her dad. Finally, she runs into the elusive Doctor, fitting...

  • Doctor Who and the Lost Secret
    121K 4.7K 20

    There are bigger secrets lurking in the universe. Too big for even the Doctor. And it all originates from one girl. Cali. A girl who can't even remember her own life up to the age of six. He should have known her secret. He should have been the first to discover it. But the secret was lost. Up until now...

  • The Impossible man (doctor who fanfic)
    91.3K 4.5K 52

    What if someone who can't exist, turns up across the street from you and asks you to run away and have adventures with him? What would you do then?

  • The Brave One (Doctor Who Fanfiction)
    190K 6.6K 20

    After The Doctor crash lands in her bedroom, Fallon Fitzgerald is thrust into time and space. But when The Doctor realizes Fallon knows things she couldn't possibly know, things HE doesn't even know, he is determined to protect her and figure out the mystery inside her head. An Eleventh Doctor fan fiction.

  • The girl who never believed (Doctor who fanfic)
    188K 4.8K 22

    Harriet Williams, Amy Pond's and Rory Williams second child, who has grown up, hearing tales about the madman with a box, but never seemed to believed them. She knows she is somehow different, but always tries to forget the possibilities why. Until one day, when a tall, handsome, young looking man, with a blue box, c...

  • Doctor Who Quotes 2
    745K 21.8K 73

    More quotes from Doctor Who (in case the title was unclear). All rights to the BBC.

  • My Mad Man With A Box (Doctor Who Fanfiction)
    855K 31.6K 33

    Violet is a 17 year old girl, who has always believed in this bowtie wearing time traveler. She meets this man when he sonics his way into her house. These are adventures that she and the Doctor take with many twists and turns in the way.

  • Deleted [Doctor Who Fan Fiction]
    193K 3.9K 1

    Terra is dying, when a strange man in a blue box comes to comfort her. One moment she has no idea who he is, and the next she remembers - she's known the Doctor her whole life. And he's going to make sure she's never alone.

  • The lost child of Gallifrey (Doctor Who Fanfic)
    395K 13.1K 29

    Amelia rose smith is an extremely intelligent 11 year old. After 9 years of living with her foster mother Amelia is kidnapped by strange Aliens were she meets a total mad man, and finally finds out who her parents are and most importantly who she is. This is totally for entertainment per- posses only. All rights go to...

  • Doctor Who Quotes
    2.4M 107K 105

    Quotes from Doctor Who (in case the title was unclear). All rights to the BBC.