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  • Steel Cobra
    333 12 15

    It is 1984. The Soviet Union has been fighting a guerrilla war against Afghanistan insurgents for nearly five years. The United States, fearing any direct involvement could spark a global war, has secretly been backing and supplying Afghan forces in an effort to contain the Russian's power-hungry march on the Middle...

  • The Tears Of Our Past ~ A Dipcifica Fanfiction (Book 5)
    13.4K 247 22

    In this 5th intallment to the Coming Back Again Series, Dipper has returned to Gravity Falls after graduating college two years early. He ends up staying for the summer when he finds out Pacifica is there too, but not the one he once knew. Will they be able to pick up the pieces of their former relationship or lose e...

  • Transcending Time and Space ~ A Dipcifica Fanfiction (Book 6)
    12.3K 186 23

    In this 6th installment to the Coming Back Again Series, something has happened that will change the course of our two protagonists' lives forever. What if the reality Dipper and Pacifica once knew, was over? What if Pacifica never confessed her feelings to Dipper? What if Dipper had never bumped in Pacifica at the ma...

  • The Real Me Dipper x Pacifica Dipcifica Sequel (Book 2)
    2.4K 57 5

    What you all have been waiting for. After months of waiting, the second book to The Real Me. This book will be far more epic than the previous one. It will carry more emotion. You we become attached to the characters. Dipper, after having an intense and grueling duel with Gideon Gleeful, has been betrayed by his girlf...

  • Never Let You Down ~ A Dipcifica Fanfiction (Book 7: Finale)
    14.7K 199 30

    Dipper and Pacifica have been getting used to their new normal lives. With no more monsters to defeat or mysteries to solve, Dipper has begun to settle down. On the other hand, Pacifica has been off at college and couldn't see much of Dipper at all. When Pacifica comes back to see him, they begin to put the pieces of...

  • Seniors ~ A Dipcifica Fanfiction (Book 4)
    16.5K 344 23

    In this fourth installment of the Coming Back Again Series, Dipper and Pacifica have made it to their last year of high school. However, the joys of adolescence are suddenly put on hold when the pair is struck by misfortune and heartbreak. Join the adventure as they travel through their senior year. With college comin...

  • No matter what... Dipcifica fanfic
    43.2K 1.3K 32

    Dipper and Pacifica are in their high school days, they are secretly dating but things go downhill... This story was originally in my other novel (Dipcifica one shots) but the fans of the story wanted it in a separate book. So here it is...

  • Change of heart(Gravity falls fanfic. Dippifica)Wattys2015
    6.5K 189 28

    Pacifica Northwest. The most hated girl in Gravity Falls. Even she hates herself. What will happen when she makes a deal with the dream demon bill? Will she get the attention of Dipper and Mabel pines? Maybe. But not in a good way.

  • The Real Me Dipper x Pacifica Dipcifica (Book 1)
    55.5K 1.5K 55

    Three years after Dipper and Mabel first came to Gravity Falls. Dipper starts to spend more time with Pacifica. He gets to know, the real her.

  • The Great Blood War (NERF STORY)
    316 26 8

    This is a story that takes place 15 years before the NERF saga. It is called THE GREAT BLOOD WAR. It is the war between the armies of the Milouki Order and the swordsmen of the Jaurosan Order. I won't be spoiling in the description here. This is my first story so please be respectful. Don't foget to follow, comment an...

  • The Aftermath ~ A Dipcifica Fanfiction (Book 2)
    34.8K 988 25

    In this sequel to Coming Back Again, Dipper and Pacifica have formed a formal relationship. As time goes on, they hit some bumps in the road. Then before they know it, everything begins to fall apart. Dipper and Pacifica are about to lose hope and give up. Will they?

  • Missing in Action ~ A Dipcifica Fanfiction (Book 3)
    27.4K 725 32

    In this third book of the Coming Back Again saga, Dipper and Pacifica get back together. Just as everything is starting to go back to normal, Mabel is suddenly kidnapped. Now, they must go on another adventure. But with new problems forming every five minutes, will Dipper and Pacifica have the courage to hold on?

  • Coming Back Again ~ A Dipcifica Fanfiction (Book 1)
    133K 2.7K 28

    After recovering Ford (Stan's Brother) from the portal, Stan decided it would be safer if the Pines twins went home. So without question Dipper and Mable leave. Now, four Years later the twins come back to spend their summer with their long missed grunkle. They come back with new mysteries to solve, a missed town and...