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  • YEARS {Glee/Klaine} ✓
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    Kurt Hummel's life had led up to the very moment he took the chance to escape to the big city, New York. Blaine Anderson's morning had led up to the moment he stepped into homeroom. When back in the hometown of Lima, Ohio, Kurt and the other graduates have the opportunity to help out the Glee Club and reconnect with o...

  • Daydreaming
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    twenty one pilots fanfiction starring Tyler Joseph. Hope you all enjoy! x Storyline: twenty one pilots are performing a show at a small local venue. Zelda, artist and usual music guru, shows up without knowing anything about the band, only to find she has more in common with the lead singer/songwriter/Taco Bell fanati...

  • Silent Cries (Klaine- Glee)
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    Kurt never met Blaine and the bullying escalated. Kurt is now refusing to speak and flinching away from people, do Blaine and the warblers have it in them to restore Kurt's confidence? (eventual klaine, slight niff and a wevid bromance) WARNING: Has mentions of suicide, swearing and sexual abuse DO NOT READ IF TRIGGER...