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  • BTS Serendipity Awards 2018 {OPEN}
    6.5K 345 13

    Welcome to the BTS 2018 Serendipity Awards!💕 We want to give underappreciated authors the love and attention they deserve ☺️ So please consider this! <3 (Please stop by, loves!)

  • K-Playlist
    16K 1.5K 16

    A book that holds all the weekly playlists featured on our profile along with the playlists required as a part of contest prompts. 💜

  • K-Contests
    4.2K 353 4

    This is where you'll find all the contests and challenges related to kpop. Have fun competing and receiving the prizes. Good luck! =)💜

    7.6K 484 22

    « You just give me the confidence within myself, that's all I wanted . » Enter your book or apply to be a judge :))

  • BTS ARMY Community Awards 2020
    9.8K 681 14

    Open |✔️ Judging | ✔️ Closed | Want to test out your writing skills? Or you want your work to be recognised? Join the BTS ARMY Community Awards!

  • Forever Bulletproof Awards 2020 (JUDGING)
    7K 469 23

    OPEN (❎) JUDGING (✅) CLOSED (_) No more form entries for both judges and participants!!!