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  • Lost In Love
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    #1 in 339 stories commonly people of all ages have been now not against to love however only some of the people shares the records.I think that this story touches the hearts of all of us.We can't bare if something happened to our loving ones.they will be mom,dad,brother,sister or any individual.but on this story I wan...

  • Writer's Treasure Chest (A Comprehensive Guide From Idea to Bookshelf)
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    Writing advice from some of Wattpad's best known authors. Unlock the secrets of writing an amazing story, market it, and maybe even take it a step further...

  • Road To Redemption (The Conclusion to 'Living With The Choices We Make')
    7.3K 340 2

    THIS IS BOOK III OF THE "LIVING WITH THE CHOICES WE MAKE" SERIES. THE BLURB BELOW CONTAINS SPOILERS AND I RECOMMEND THAT YOU READ THE BOOKS IN SEQUENCE. It has been seven years since that fateful night that ended Brent Park's live and things have finally fallen into place for Rena Cooper. Her son is thriving, she has...

  • A Stranger To Me
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    After a death in her family, Pyper realizes her life is no longer hers ... someone is copying her. She writes a letter with questions she has, only to find out that the mysterious stranger has some of their own - and they are exactly the same as hers!

  • Perfect Chemistry
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    Riley lies to her friends about her secret crush on Aaron. But little did she know they had a PERFECT CHEMISTRY TOGETHER!

  • Patrice's Story (A "Living With The Choices We Make" Novella) ✔️
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    To an outsider, Patrice's family is the perfect image of the American Dream. Her stepfather is a successful lawyer, they live in a mansion and she has always had everything she ever wanted. But behind the well kept facade, violence and abuse dominate Patrice's life. Marcus rules his family with an iron fist and doe...

    Completed   Mature